Esther is an alumni student from the National Instructors College Abilonino in Uganda. She studied tailoring and design. The Capacity Building project she took part in is the gender training.

'When I got the first invitation for the training, I was expecting to discuss much about ladies and gents: how they are equal or different. This expectation came true because we discussed our education system and how some courses are said to be only for men and others only for women. For example, my study, tailoring, people have a mindset it’s only for ladies. I realized from this training that it can be also be for men. Also the courses we think are only for men, building and mechanics, even a lady can do it. Based on what I have learned from the training I would now consider a technical education. I was actually thinking about doing a construction course if I can.'

'The skits/plays we developed in the training are a great tool. Sometimes when you talk to someone who does not know what we are doing, using words is not always enough for them to understand. But when it comes in the form of a play, in an interesting way, it helps people to understand and learn something, they don’t forget.'

'After performing the skits, people would come up to me on campus to ask me about the gender training, what I learnt and to discuss the gender topic. They keep talking about it on campus and discuss the topics.'