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Polifonia I

Erasmus Thematic Network for Music – Polifonia I

Polifonia I (2004 – 2007) was an initiative coordinated jointly by the Malmö Academy of Music – Lund University and the AEC. Polifonia I received support by the European Union in the framework of the ERASMUS Programme. The project had the following objectives: to initiate a 'Tuning' process in the field of professional music training; to gather information about systems for music education in the various European countries; to gather information about developments in the music profession (in particular in relation to rare competences on one hand and completely new competences on the other), which might have an impact on the development of music training programmes.

'Polifonia' I also saw to the publication of various documents in relation to the project objectives, to organising working group meetings, seminars and congress presentations, and maintaining a project website.
The Research Group Lifelong Learning in Music contributed actively to the working group dedicated to the developments in the professional practice of musicians and the consequences for required competences. The leading professor of the research group LLMA served as co-chair of the working group and member of the steering committee of the whole project. The research group is also participating in the second Polifonia project, which runs from 2007-2010.

All Polifonia working groups

The Mission Statement of the Profession Working Group was:

The Polifonia working group on the Profession, which includes representatives of both conservatoires and professional organisations, will research and reflect on current trends in all sectors of the music profession, the (rare and new) competencies they suggest, what this implies for conservatoire training, and the relevance of the AEC learning outcomes and the Dublin descriptors to these competencies. Site visits, examples of innovative practice, alumni policies, qualitative research and analysis will nourish this reflexion and provide the basis for portraits of the profession in individual EU countries and Europe-wide. In addition, the group will develop a gallery of individual portraits of musicians representative of these new and emerging trends. The group will reflect on these results and assess the way in which these trends suggest new competencies, their relationship (or not) to the AEC learning outcomes and Dublin descriptors, and will suggest areas of potential development for conservatoires. and

First meeting of the 'Profession' working group in Lisbon, 2005
From left to right (clockwise): Rineke Smilde (co-chair, Prince Claus Conservatoire Groningen/Royal Conservatoire, The Hague), Einar Solbu (European Music Council), Timo Klemettinen (European Music School Union), Ester Tomasi (AEC research assistant), Rui Fernandes (International Federation of Musicians), Fiona Harvey (Association of British Orchestras), Gretchen Amussen (co-chair, Conservatoire de Paris), Katja Schaefer, Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hannover.