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What is this master about?

MFA Media, Art, Design & Tech​​nology (MADtech)

In the beginning of the new study year (2014-2015) the Frank Mohr Institute at the Minerva Art Academy will offer two international Masters of Fine Arts:
MFA Painting and MFA MADtech (Media, Art, Design & Technology)*, each consisting of a two-year curriculum. At the same moment (new study year 2014-2015) the MFA IME (Interactive Media & Environments) course will be transformed into an updated programme called the MFA MADtech.
At the new programme MFA MADtech can still be found under the former programme title MFA Interactive Media and Environments (MFA IME).
So when you sign up for MFA IME at, this means you apply for the new master course MFA Media, Art, Design & Technology (MFA MADtech).

Artists doing strange things with technology. This sums up our MADtech Programme. To imagine, interpret and change human interaction with a transforming world you will use and artistically explore different technologies. You will do so with a tinker mentality: play and experimentation are important aspects in your development and will carry a special emphasis on the research you do. This mentality, combined with a critical reflective attitude and conceptual skills, will lead to unexpected perspectives, resulting in multimedia artistic work.

Past, present and fut​​ure

At MFA MADtech we are constantly searching for the dialogue between different viewpoints from the past, present and future: between art and science, laboratory and applied research, stable and unstable media, old and new technology, local and global forms of society. We do so collectively, sharing our views and ideas, working in groups and learning from each other. At the same time, you will follow your own path, improving your knowledge and skills, learning to reflect critically on your own position, role and work as well as on the world around you.

Hybrid​​ practice

Participants of our programme come from different practices, media, art and design, and share a fascination for technology. The combination of these areas gives you the opportunity to develop your artistic vision, working in a hybrid practice as a critical and engaged artist. As your art engages with the world, you will grow as an individual as well as in your artistic profession, reinforcing the power of your imagination and exploring your own connection to a transforming, technologically charged society. ​

What m​​​atters

To be admitted to this master, we expect you to show us what you want to get out of this programme. We therefore ask you to submit a broad outline of the artistic research that matters to you. What is it that fascinates you about art and technology? What kind of experiments would you like to carry out? During the admissions procedure you will discuss your ideas with us. Once admitted, your ideas will form the start of the next two years.

The Frank Mohr Institute is named after Mr A. Frank Mohr (1931-1998), cultural advisor to the city and province of Groningen and chairman of the advisory boards of the Minerva Art Academy and the Prince Claus Conservatoire. He was a fervent advocate of independence and innovation in art education in the North Netherlands. 

Kasper van Hoek (MFA IME 2010)

Photo: Kasper van Hoek                                                   

Photo: Marcel de Vries