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Transition MFA Scenography

From 01-09-2014 onward, the Frank Mohr Institute will transfer its MFA Scenography Master's Degree programme to the HKU (School of the Arts) in Utrecht, the Netherlands. It is the intention to continue the collaboration between the master courses of the Frank Mohr Institute and the master course Scenography of the HKU also after September 1, 2014.
Applications for the Master of Fine Arts in Scenography for the academic year 2014-2015, must be send to the HKU. For more information about the MA Scenography course and the admission procedure, please visit the website of the HKU.

Educational vision MFA Scenography

The MFA Scenography educates scenographers who give shape to spatial environments in an expressive and imaginative way and perform autonomous research into the theatrical context of the artistic practice on the basis of a reflective and critical attitude.

The Master Course Scenography stands for giving form to spatial environments in an expressive and imaginative way. Those taking part in its study programme are designers and artists seeking a deepening of insight into and specialization of their artistic practice. They commence that specialization from a fascination for scenography and the theatre as an art form. The course starts with a critical reflection on the student's own artistic practice in relation to scenography, in other words writing in space. Writing in space is directed toward theatre that comes to life within the framework of theatrical reality. The scenographer gives shape to this framework, showing what cannot be shown in everyday life. Framing that reality provides the distance that is necessary to mirror life and reflect on it. This game of mirroring is the basis from which the theatre unfolds. The work that the professional master makes varies from the traditional proscenium theatre, theatre on location, experiential theatre, table theatre, festivals and performances to virtual spaces.

It involves an artistic practice where ideas need to be produced for the theatrical design of space. To the scenographer, the world is his work place as well as his source of inspiration. The artistic process starts from an autonomous attitude, but evolves by working on collective products, particularly in a team. As a theatrical designer and art director, and in close conjunction with the theatrical director, the professional master can independently initiate, organize and supervise creative processes. The master student is offered much space for personal course-related questions and to develop his specific quality as a scenographer. One of the factors determining this quality is the interaction between his own ideas, the distinguishing characteristics of the media selected by him, the context provided and the space that needs to be designed. Alignment with the curricula of the FMI Master Courses Painting and Interactive Media & Environments offers the opportunity to examine other media with a view to applying them in his own work.

To read the complete Educational vision of MFA Scenography, please see the link below.

Educational vision MFA Scenography

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