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Programmes in Dutch

The Minerva Academy offers a very wide range of courses in art and culture. From Foundation courses to Bachelor and Master programmes. There are opportunities within each course for specialisation as preparation for your next study pathway.

MINERVA Academy for Pop Culture

Music and Design
Bachelor programmes in Music and Design are offered in Leeuwarden. These are specifically aimed at pop culture. Music graduates are employed as musicians, arrangers or producers. The Design degree leads to jobs such as Video Jockeys, programmers, organisers and spatial designers for festivals, or will enable you to start up your own design agency.

More information about the Dutch programmes of MINERVA Academy for Pop Culture can be found at:

Fine Arts and Design

Fine Arts and Design comprise the Bachelor's programmes in Fine Art, Design and Fine Art and Design in Education. An Orientation or Foundation course can be followed in preparation to these courses.

Orientation course
If you're not sure yet whether you want to undertake a Bachelor's programme in Fine Art and Design, then you can take an Orientation course. The aim of the course is to help you complete the entry exam. The lecturers on the course are professional artists or designers, similar to those teaching at the Academy.

Foundation course
Another option is a Foundation course. The difference between the Orientation and Foundation course is that the latter allows you direct access to the first year of Fine Art and Design if you successfully complete the course This means you won't have to complete the entrance exam. The Foundation Course is a collaboration between the Arts Centre Group in Groningen and the Parnas Centre for the Arts in Leeuwarden.

Fine Art (full and part time)
If you choose Fine Art, you are choosing to devote yourself fully - as a visual artist - to exploring your own imagination and fascinations. Firstly you'll be your own client and employee. You'll determine what to focus on: painting, drawing, graphics, objects, sculptures, photos, videos, installations or digital images. This course is offered both as a full time, as well as part time option.

Design is all around us. Whether you're looking at a website or poster, or visiting a play or trendy café, in all these instances a designer would have shaped the form. Thought has gone into producing the best way of creating an atmosphere, a role or story. Through the Design course you learn to develop your own imagination as a designer. The course has two major options each for two areas of specialisation:

  • Spatial Design
    • Theatre design
    • Interior architecture
  • Communication Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Illustration

Fine Art and Design in Education
Do you love fine art and design and do you want to share your knowledge and skills with others? Then the course, Fine Art and Design in Education is something for you. The course is divided into two main components: the subject and professional preparation. In the course component there is an emphasis on visual arts and design. This will help develop your visual and design skills, in addition to your knowledge of art, culture and aesthetics. The professional preparation component is primarily aimed at academic practice. You develop teaching and educational skills through projects and work placements, amongst others. The degree enables you to teach in higher education, secondary level professional education, parts of higher professional education and extra-curricular educational fields (including museums and art centres).

Masters in Art Education
The North Holland Interfaculty Arts is a collaborative between the Minerva Academy, the Prins Claus Conservatory and NHL University which offers a Masters programme in Arts Education.

More information about the Dutch programmes of MINERVA Fine Arts and Design can be found at: