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Studium Minerva

​Studium Minerva organises discussions on art and society. In Studium Minerva, the Bachelor's Degree programmes of Autonomous Art, Pop Culture, Teacher Visual Art and Design, Design and the FMI Master's Degree programme of Academie Minerva collaborate with the Centre of Applied Research and Innovation Art & Society. The diverse disciplines generate crosslinks to current social and societal issues. The discussions take place between inspiring role models and up-and-coming talent. The programme, which includes lectures, debates, films, workshops and master classes, is intended for a broad public consisting of students, teachers, alumni and other interested parties within and outside the confines of the Academy.

Discussions on Art and the City
How does art influence the city? We discuss the role of art in the city in dialogue with artists, politicians, scientists and academics, journalists, trade & industry, and everyday citizens.