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School of Nursing

Welcome to the lively and stimulating world of the School of Nursing. The atmosphere within the school is praised highly by students. Our students are committed people at the very centre of the community. Enthusiastic people with a passion for their profession and an open perspective on the wide world of care.

A profession and so much more
Students who come to study here start out by exploring the world of care. Through projects, lectures, work placements and in skills labs, they discover where their interests lie. After choosing their preferred direction, students further develop their competencies in hospital care, home care, geriatric care, care of the disabled or mental health care. Meanwhile they learn the various facets of the nursing profession. Together with other students and tutors they work on the future of care. Care is in a major state of flux and the role of the nurse within it is changing.

Topical and initiative-focused
Fulfilment of social responsibility is extremely important for the school. Contributing to the improvement of care is part of this. Just turn on the TV and you will see programmes or news about care. This topicality comes into our homes too, whether in relation to overweight children, the elderly or diabetes. An example? A Hindu woman came to us with a question about the problem of diabetes among many Hindus in the Netherlands. Students at our Health Workshop then started a project on their own initiative for the prevention of diabetes in this target group. Even national politicians took an interest in it! Another example: our students hold a consultation in the Green Cross building for elderly people who live independently. They give these elderly people a quick health scan – under the supervision of a nurse of course, but otherwise entirely independently.

Seeing beyond boundaries
The School of Nursing is actively involved in the development and expansion of knowledge. Not only in the Northern part of the Netherlands, but beyond. Two members of the European Parliament asked us to conduct research into the care systems and approach to care in different European countries. Our students worked on this as part of the international Public Health minor. At our school you see beyond boundaries, beyond the boundaries of our country, beyond the boundaries of the profession and beyond your own boundaries. So there is plenty of room for growth!