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​​Course contents

The Fine Art programme exposes you to all aspects of professional art: from developing ideas and the artistic process, to creating, presenting and organising your work. The aim of the course is to develop your qualities as a visual artist to enable to make a personal, critical and inventive contribution to the professional field. We don't allow an "eyes closed, head down" approach. An artist always has to be aware of his role and significance within society. Your choice of technique or material is dependent on the message you intend to convey. Sometimes you might choose to draw, the next time photography, video or another medium. The right combination of thought and action produces the right selection. You will ultimately find your own pathway towards professional art from within the multitude of options offered by the course.

Course structure

The course starts with the first year excursion: a trip abroad to a link-up study project. The first year consists of learning in teams and a range of subject lectures introducing you to different technical studios and various techniques and media. Different lecturers will guide the lessons and an academic counsellor will monitor, in particular, how your studies are progressing. Developing your own work is the focus of years two and three. The course will again comprise a combination of lessons in teams and subject lectures. Theory lessons, such as art history, art theory and philosophy will also be presented. There is often a close relationship between visual arts and theory. After all, as an artist you need to be aware of where you stand, and reflection is an important component in this process. The Professional Preparation course plays an important role in the third and fourth years. Familiarising yourself with professional practice in all its facets is central to this course. This approach to work ensures intensive mentoring from a variety of teachers. You will have to write both a final paper and thesis in the last study year. You will also have to present your work in a collective exhibition with all the other final year students.
Throughout the entire course you will work independently outside of lessons both in the studios and lecture halls, as well as your studio at home or at the media centre or library.


The course programme is aimed at creating autonomous fine artists. You can create anything you wish. Anything is possible - which means, in particular, that you learn to make informed choices. Although the course has a broad range to offer, you determine the direction you want to take. You can tailor the course via subject lessons, project choices or final year paper. You can develop your own signature. Painting teaches you to work with form and colour. Graphics offers the option of working with prints. Sculpture is primarily about thinking spatially. Photography shapes your observations, and digital media helps you to enter a "world of wonders". These are, of course, only brief sketches. The reality is that all subjects and specialisations are full of adventures waiting for you to uncover.

Extra activities

There's so much more to do in addition to the regular programme of lessons. You can participate in projects and exhibitions, follow readings, accompany excursions, study at an academy abroad or participate in the Sirius honours programme for excellent students.

Practical experience

There is a regular set of lectures by guest speakers sharing their experiences with our students. These lectures offer you an introduction to specific areas of visual arts and allow you to explore your study in more depth. There are also specific lessons aimed at preparing you for your future professional life. The Project Office / AMP is just one place where you can acquire professional experience.

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