How to apply

​To enrol in this master’s degree programme, submit an enrolment application through Studielink ( On the enrolment form, under master’s programme, select ‘Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design’ and then either ‘MADtech’ or ‘Painting’. After receiving your application, we will send you a confirmation email together with an application form for admission and details of the documents we require from you. Once we have received this additional information, the admissions committee will decide whether to invite you for an admission interview to discuss your work and motivation for enrolling in the programme.

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Admission procedure during summer 2018:

Application form Painting

Application form MADtech

  • All higher education institutions in The Netherlands are linked to a nation-wide registration system called Studielink.
    To enroll in this master's degree programme, submit an enrolment application through Studielink. On the enrolment form, under master's programme, select 'Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design' and then either 'MADtech' or 'Painting'.
    After that, you will receive soon an automatically generated email from Hanze University Groningen of Applied Sciences with a request to upload several documents (like pass port, diplomas, IELTS or TOEFL certificate etc.)
  • Please send the application form and your portfolio to:
    We prefer to receive large documents by WeTransfer. 
    The committee will not be available to review applications until after their return in week 35, the end of August. 
    You can send in the documents in the meantime. If you have large files who need to be send by WeTransfer please know the download is only for 7 days available.

    The mailbox will be reviewed at the end of week 30 & 34. Monday August 20 is the final deadline to send in application documents for the academic year 2018-2019 (Portfolio and Application form).

  • The portfolio has to include at most 20 images or other visual or sound documentation (such as video) characterizing your work well and giving a clear picture of your qualities as an artist.
  • After we have received your application form and portfolio, the admissions committee will criticize your application documents and decide whether to invite you for a meeting with them.
    If the committee decides to invite you for a meeting on Wednesday August 29, 2018 please note: you will receive this invitation probably on Monday August 27, 2018.

  • Also keep in mind all other arrangements and required documents need to be uploaded and approved for in Studielink on time (deadline= September 1st, 2018) to be able to start the programme and complete the enrolment.

    To be admitted you need in principle:
    -          A bachelor's degree in art (we prefer visual arts or design) or an equivalent previous 
                education (for example, a university degree or diploma in a related area).
    -          Good English language skills. (Our master course is taught in English) 
                Please see here the English language requirements.
    -          Besides your portfolio and motivation, learning goals are very important in the 
                admission procedure. 
               So please explain this clearly on the application form and include in your portfolio 
               also images of recent work.

Please note:
For non-EU candidates (who don't live in an EU country) it is not possible anymore to apply for the academic year 2018-2019 (starting September 2018).
Therefore, non-EU candidates are invited to apply for the academic year 2019-2020, starting September 2019, for which is possible to register in Studielink from October 2018 on.

Admissions evaluation

When evaluating your suitability, the admissions committee will assess your theoretical skills and ability to use knowledge to deepen and enrich yourself as an artist. In the interview you will discuss your work, motivation, bachelor's thesis and the importance of the theoretical component of the programme. The admissions committee is made up of theory experts and art professionals, including a practical lecturer, a theory lecturer, a student and the head of the Frank Mohr Institute.

Entry requirements

To be admitted you must hold a bachelor's degree in art (visual art or design) or an equivalent university degree or qualifications in a related area. In addition, you are expected to be proficient in English. You must be able to read specialist publications in English, follow instructions in English and articulate your ideas well in English. English proficiency is to be demonstrated by submission of an official international IELTS or TOEFL test certificate (not older than two years).

For more information on the English language requirements and the exemptions, please click here.

Tuition fees

For more information about the tuition fees, see the following link.
After completing your Master's programme you will obtain either an MA degree, as you would with a research university Master's programme. For EU-students, our Master's programmes are government-funded. This means you will pay the statutory tuition fee, which is equal to the tuition fee for a Bachelor's programme. Non EU-students will pay the university tuition fee. 

For more information about this, pleae send an email to

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