How to apply

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The admissions procedure

To enrol in this master's degree programme, submit an enrolment application through Studielink ( On the enrolment form, under the master's programme, select 'Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design' and then either 'MADtech', 'Painting' or iRAP. You will receive by email a login link and details for the 'Hanze Apply' and details of the documents we require from you.

Answer the questions and upload the requested documents:

  1. Under "Entrance Minerva" you have to upload the portfolio and other requested documents. The application form and additional information can also be found in the Hanze Apply. 
  2. Under "International students"  you have to upload your passport/ID card, diploma, etc.
  3. After everything has been filled out and uploaded, click on the "submit application" button

After we have received your application form and portfolio, the admissions committee will criticize your application documents and decide whether to invite you for a meeting with them.
If you live abroad and cannot come to Groningen for this, we can conduct the interview by Skype.

Admission evaluation

When evaluating your suitability, the admissions committee will assess your theoretical skills and ability to use knowledge to deepen and enrich yourself as an artist. In the interview, you will discuss your work, motivation, bachelor's thesis and the importance of the theoretical component of the programme. The admissions committee is made up of theory experts and art professionals, including a practical lecturer, a theory lecturer, a student and the head of the Frank Mohr Institute.

See here the admission requirements.

Application deadlines

For EU & non-EU applicants:
Round 1               Upload application documents before 26 January 2021
Round 2               Upload application documents before 23 March 2021
Only for EU applicants:
Round 3               Upload application documents before 18 May 2021
Round 4               Upload application documents before 15 June 2021

In the weeks after each deadline, the admissions committee will make a selection based on the application documents and decides who they would like to invite for a meeting.
Applications that are uploaded after the deadline will be assessed in the next/following round.

Important to know:
NON-EU candidates have to apply before 23 March 2021 since all procedures/arrangements take time, for example, the immigration procedure!
After this deadline, it is not possible anymore for non-EU candidates (who don't live in an EU country) to apply for the academic year 2021-2022 (starting September 2021).

It is only possible to apply for the Scholarships in the month's March and April
So we advise you to start your admission procedure before March first since the whole procedure takes time.
Further information on scholarship options is available at the nearest Royal Netherlands Embassy, or from the NUFFIC. Here you can find an overview of scholarship programmes the NUFFIC manages.
You can also check their online search machine Grantfinder for an overview of funding opportunities that might be available to you.

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