Work & Practice

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Work and practice

As a student, you will visit various relevant institutions, centres of expertise and art fairs, helping to reinforce your artistic practice by meeting a broad range of people from the professional field and building your own network of useful and inspiring contacts. In addition, by working within an open, cross-medial network of artists, technologists and scientists, you will be able to develop an enterprising mindset, realise your ideas, sharpen your vision and share your questions and solutions. Equally important is to develop your attitude as an artist. We expect you to think and act like an investigative artist and designer engaged in the international field of practice, bringing together diverse perspectives

in exciting work and projects. We will help you to acquire the essential organisational skills, raise funds, organise support and promote projects to the public.

Partners in art

We have strong ties with a number of institutions and organisations that will help you make fruitful connections and access the technology you need for your projects. They include our own Art & Society Research Centre, which brings together Minerva Art Academy's practice-based research in three research groups: Lifelong Learning in Music, Image in Context and Art & Sustainability. We also work closely with the University of Groningen, where you can attend lectures and symposia and connect with researchers working at an expert level, for instance in various fields of science. Depending on the nature of your artistic project, we will also help you to find new partners. Beyond this, we organise international trips and visits to relevant festivals, cultural institutions and exhibitions in order to broaden your perspective. This includes a trip to a cultural centre like New York, Berlin or London in your second year.

Experimental art spaces

As a master's student you can take part in exhibitions and projects at several of our partners. They include NP3, an experimental art platform in Groningen with which we collaborate on projects and exhibitions at three distinctive locations; Sign, a gallery focusing on interdisciplinary, experimental and contemporary art; Kunsthuis SYB, an artist residency that promotes and organises research, experimentation and new alliances; and the visual arts centres in Groningen and Emmen. Another partner is the Institute for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam.

Room for artistic discussion

As a master's student, you will be encouraged to show your work and present your findings in public discussions. This will allow you to engage in a dialogue with wider society regarding your artistic position, transforming the way people experience art, shaking them up, responding to their reactions and allowing others to influence your view of art. Therefore, it is not only the final work you produce that counts, but also the process you go through to get there. The more effort you put into making this an interactive, open process, the better it will turn out.

To show the world what you are working on, you will be invited to take part in national and international projects and exhibitions. In the past, our students have taken part in various festivals such as Media Art Festival in Leeuwarden, GOGBOT in Enschede, Noorderzon in Groningen and Kunstvlaai in Amsterdam, to name a few. We also collaborate on exhibitions and projects with Forum Images, Grand Theatre and other cultural institutions in Groningen. During the Academy's Open Days Show, you'll have the opportunity to show your work and collaborate with a professional curator.

Other collaborations Frank Mohr Institute:

  • University of Gießen (Germany)
  • Edith-Russ-Haus für Medienkunst in Oldenburg (Germany)
  • Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Istanbul (Turkey)
  • The Rekencentrum, Groningen
  • Faculty of Arts, University of Groningen
    - Art History
    - Art, Culture and Media
  • High Performance Computing & Visualisation (HPC & V) and the Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN) lab, part of the Institute for Movement Sciences. Both belong to the University of Groningen
  • The CAVE, part of Hanze University's Computer Centre, Groningen
  • Culturele Activiteiten voor Studenten (CAST), Groningen, part of Hanze University Groningen of Applied Sciences
  • Hanze Institute for Sensor Technology (HIT) , Assen, part of Hanze University Groningen of Applied Sciences
  • Sign, Groningen
  • NP3 , Groningen
  • STEIM, Amsterdam
  • V2, Rotterdam
  • Groninger Forum , Groningen
  • PlanetArt , Enschede and Amsterdam
  • Grand Theatre, Groningen
  • The Noord Nederlandse Dans, Groningen
  • Noord Nederlands Toneel, Groningen
  • The Citadel, Groningen
  • The Oerol Festival, Terschelling
  • Tryater , Leeuwarden
  • the Peer Group, Donderen
  • Stedelijk Museum Assen voor Hedendaagse Kunst, Assen
  • Groninger Museum, Groningen
  • Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst, Groningen

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