The Frank Mohr Institute (FMI) at the Minerva Art Academy offers an international Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design, with three study programmes to choose from: Painting, MADtech - Media, Art, Design & Technology and iRAP - Interrelational Art Practices. 

The studio-based programmes, MADtech and Painting; being open 24/7, span two years and comprise 120 credits (ECTS). Each curriculum has its own distinct focus, in the field of painting, on the one hand, and in technologically mediated relationships in society, on the other. Their common ground is that both reinforce the artistic professional in a rapidly changing society. As an independent artist, designer or performer, you will leave your mark in a technologically charged world – by reflecting on your professional role, always asking critical questions, investigating a world in transition or improving quality of life across the world.

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The Frank Mohr Institute is named in honour of Mr. A. Frank Mohr (1931-1998), a cultural advisor to the city and province of Groningen and chairman of the advisory boards of Minerva Art Academy and the Prince Claus Conservatoire. He was a fervent advocate of independence and innovation in art education in the northern Netherlands.

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Finding new pathways

Whether you are an artist, designer or performer, our Painting and MADtech study programmes offer an experimental and critical environment in which to further envisage and shape your ideas. As a contemporary artist, free-thinking and experimental designer or performer, you are not necessarily confined to a single field. You can use traditional means and media as well as new technologies, or a combination of both. Operating from an exploratory mindset, you will investigate the media, technology and content you need to understand, imagine and shape your ideas. Our study programmes give you every opportunity to sharpen your artistic vision, find new pathways and discover uncharted territory.

Extending your knowledge and experience

Both master's degree programmes focus on extending your knowledge, building on your existing skills and deepening your experience. You will spend a great deal of time developing your work and artistic research and acquiring additional technical and conceptual skills and knowledge, which you will subsequently apply towards your graduation work and master's thesis. You will also be involved in group work, presenting and discussing your own pieces and those of your fellow students. Expert lecturers and international guest lecturers will supervise and stimulate your progress.

International focus

As an applicant to an international master's degree programmes, we expect that you are aware of the international context of art and design in general and can situate your own work within this context. During your studies you will build your own network of contacts and carve out your own place in the art world and creative industries.

Both study programmes are internationally recognised and accredited. We work closely with a number of student exchange partners, including the Master of Fine Arts programmes at Hunter College, the City University of New York and the School of Design in Philadelphia. Study trips abroad are part of the programme, for instance to New York in the second year, and you will be encouraged to take part in the international study trips we organise. You can also apply for funding for individual study trips from Minerva Art Academy's Groot-Brugmans Fund, for example to go abroad for an independent study project, student exchange outside Europe, internship or to work as an artist-in-residence.

Getting off to an electric start

To kick off the academic year you will join your fellow students and lecturers on an introductory trip. In recent years we visited Documenta in Kassel, Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Manifesta in Zurich, Painting 2.0 in Vienna, and the Biennale in Venice.

Welcome Day at Hanze UAS

To ensure all our new international students a warm welcome to Hanze UAS, we organise a special 'Welcome Day', introducing you to Groningen and giving you a real taste of Dutch culture. The day includes speeches by Executive Board members, an information fair, an introduction to Dutch culture, lunch and sessions on important practical matters that you will need to take care of. Moreover, you'll get to meet your new fellow international students.

Grants and awards

As a second year master's student you can apply for excellence awards such as the George Verberg Grant, a prestigious annual award in the amount of €10,000, enabling the winner to spend a year in one of the Baltic States, Germany, Poland or Scandinavia to work there as an artist, designer or performer.

Additional subjects and projects

In addition to the regular sessions and classes you will have the opportunity to attend a series of lectures at the University of Groningen about history, art, psychology of art and art philosophy. You will also take part in a joint research course on Research & Development/New Media Art Practices with master students of the University of Groningen. You can also carry out projects of the Centre of Applied Research and other Hanze partners. 

Vocational training

To help you to reinforce your artistic profession you will visit relevant institutions, centres of expertise and art fairs. This way you will meet a broad range of people from the professional field so you can build your own network of useful and inspiring contacts. In addition, you will work within an open, cross-media network of artists, technologists and scientists to develop your entrepreneurial attitude, realise your ideas, sharpen your vision and sharing your questions and solutions. Just as important is your artist attitude. We expect you to think and act like an investigative artist in an international practice, bringing together different perspectives in exciting work and projects. Therefore we will help you master these organisational skills, raising funds, organising support and promoting the project to the public. 

International possibilities

In addition to the focus on your final project, you will visit international festivals, like Ars Electronics in Linz and the Transmediale in Berlin. You will also go on an intensive study trip to New York. 


You will have all facilities you need at your disposal. You are welcome to buy or borrow books and study materials at our Media Centre. At the Academy shop we sell basic stuff, like paper, brushes, charcoal, pens, pencils and blank books.

HAL 24/7

Most of your time you will spend in our Hybrid Arts Lab, also called HAL 24/7. Here you can use all the facilities, workshops, materials and technical support you will need. At HAL 24/7 we provide an artistic technology research lab, rooms we use for seminars, projects and lectures as well as studios.  At HAL 24/7 you can attend expert meetings, artist's talks and exhibitions, for instance by professors of the Centre of Applied Research and Innovation Art & Society. 


Here we also have ten well-equipped workshops at your disposal. Here you can carry out experiments and learn skills. These workshops are open to all: you can also use them in order to work with a technique or medium for the first time. All students of Minerva Art Academy are welcome here. It doesn't matter which course you do or what year you are in. 


​​​After graduation

After graduation

As a master of Fine Arts you can continue to set up your own artistic practice, individually or as a member of an artistic collective. 


​Core subjects

  • HAL 24/7
  • Theory & Reflections
  • Projects & Trips
  • Graduation

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