Master of Music

Are you a professional musician with a goal? Do you have a specific vision on your future? The Master of Music at the Prince Claus Conservatoire could be the suitable study to achieve your personal goals. We are a professional learning community challenging talented musicians to develop into competent and socially involved professionals. As creative makers, they are able to develop innovative concepts and transform them into artistic, meaningful musical products and services. This is how our learning community connects with, and enriches people and society. The Master of Music educates engaged, first class musicians with different cultural and musical backgrounds. Our aim is to help you develop and share your talent, and to move the world together!

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Classical Music

The Classical Music programme is aimed at ambitious and curious students, playing at a high level, who are willing to work hard to become an outstanding musician. Every year you take part in projects such as the Hanze Symphony Orchestra, the string orchestra or any kind of ensemble. Internships with the North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra, the Johan Willem Friso Royal Military Band or the National Travelling Opera are also possible. 

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Study Programme

Study Programme

As a talented musician, you are being prepared to function as an outstanding, high level professionals in a constantly evolving global community. You can create your own study path in which you will have the space to realise your ambitions, ideas and goals. For example, by choosing different optional modules within the Open Credits. Ensemble - and orchestra performances are a crucial part of the master's programme and it goes without saying that you will be taught by outstanding teachers. A personal study plan guides your learning process. In this plan you lay down your dreams and the way you want to realise them. You will receive mentoring in order to create coherency in your individual study path. Performing, practice-based research and entrepreneurship are integrated within the programme. Our study programme Master of Music contributes to alumni who are capable of adjusting to a changing society, initiating change and becoming innovative professionals.

Main instruments

Main subjects

- Vocals
- Piano, organ, harpsichord, claviorganum
- Flute, oboe, (bass)clarinet, bassoon, saxophone
- French Horn, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba
- Percussion, harp, guitar
- Violin, viola, cello, double bass

During the main instrument lessons you'll work with the main instrument teacher on acquiring the technical, musical, and interpretative skills needed for realising your artistic ideas. The main instrument teacher will guide you in obtaining the ability to reflect on all aspects of your professional development. In addition, the teacher will coach you in finding solutions for musical and technical difficulties you may encounter.


Theory: Module 'Musical language and its development"

The lessons within the module 'musical language and its development' are part of the main instrument lessons. You will learn to analyse compositions in order to help you with music interpretation. The focus is on form analysis, historical context and an adequate performance practice.



You will have the opportunity to play with a correpetitor.

Practice-based Research

Practice-based Research

You carry out practice-based research in order to become a better musician. The research is directly related to your personal study plan. Your research is linked to individual, content based and methodological coaching. Your research eventually leads to a presentation which is directly linked to your musical practice.


Project Management & Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneurial attitude is essential to transfer your musical passion to social situations successfully. In the Master of Music you are guided by modules and consults taught by experts in the field of entrepreneurship. Your vision on your personal future is the key here.

Open Credits

Open Credits

Within the open credits you can choose optional modules offered by the conservatoire. It is also possible to bring in your own projects.

A small selection:

- Historical performance practice
- Orchestra Playing
- The Science of Learning – How to prepare for optimal performance
- Emotion, Meaning & Expression in Music
- HeartMath
- Performance & Communication
- Musician as an Actor
- Leading & Guiding
- Music & Health
- Group Dynamics


Studying Abroad

Studying Abroad

Within the master's programme you have the opportunity to study abroad for a period of time.  ERASMUS+ offers scholarships to students wanting to study abroad. The Prince Claus Conservatoire has agreements with various institutes in a.o. France, UK, Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Rumania, Belgium, and Spain.

After graduating

After Graduating

After you graduate you can find a job as a musician in a symphonic orchestra or chamber music ensemble, in (one of Holland’s) military ensembles or in a (chamber) choir. Many musicians combine different musical activities.  Some even make it to the international concert stage as a soloist. Where ever the future will bring you, we provide all the tools you need to become an independent, entrepreneurial and curious professional.

Year 1 & 2

  • Main instrument & Theory
  • Practice-based research
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Mentoring
  • LAB
  • Open Credits

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