​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Prepar​ing professionals with an international mind-set, who are ready to add value to business and society

From the moment you walk down our hallway you immediately experience the international atmosphere. You meet students from all over the world and are taught by lecturers with strong international backgrounds. Cultural diversity is valued by all in this open-minded setting, where we speak and teach in English. IBMS is truly international, with approximately 1,500 students representing more than 70 nationalities. This number increases considerably when you incorporate our faculty, alumni, university partners and international business networks. 

To deepen your cultural awareness and broaden your international horizon you will learn an additional world language, such as Spanish, French, German or Dutch. Add to this the adventure of a year abroad that includes a semester at a partner university and an international work placement. This combination ensures that the International Business and Management Studies programme provides the ultimate study environment for a business bachelor’s student who has strong, international ambitions!

International Business and Management Studies (IBMS) graduates obtain an internationally recognised degree: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).​

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​​​​​Programme structure

Programme structure

The IBMS four-year programme is worth 240 ECTS. Each year consists of two study semesters. Each semester is divided into two ten-week periods.  Throughout your studies, you will work together with other students in small groups to find answers to challenging, yet practical, business-related problems. These small, multicultural groups of four to six students prepare you for effective communication and cooperation in international business. Training is also provided in specific skills essential to successful future careers, such as giving and receiving feedback, working in groups, intercultural sensitivity, customer orientation and presentation skills. These are a unique part of the IBMS programme.

The first year

The first year

In the first year, many subjects are linked by a practical business case. In one of the semesters students apply the knowledge acquired in their roles as consultants for a company needing advice. In the other semester, a similar structure is used: students develop a business plan in which they learn how to sell a product or service, how to set-up and run a company, and how to convince a financial institution to invest in their company.

Second language

Second language

To deepen your cultural awareness and broaden your international horizon you will learn an additional world language, such as Dutch, French, German or Spanish. This begins in the first year, semester two. Learning a second language helps you to conduct business with stakeholders in more countries. You may even wish to apply your new language skills during your year abroad. The second language modules are exclusive to the IBMS 4 year programme.

Academic Advisor

Academic Advisor

IBS offers valuable study mentoring throughout all phases of the IBMS programme. Each student is assigned a dedicated Academic Advisor during the  introduction period. In the first year, academic advice concentrates on following study progress and assists you in adjusting to the IBMS programme and higher education in general. In the second and subsequent years, the Academic Advisor continues to monitor study progress. You will also get expert support when writing your study plan, as well as help and guidance in other student matters.

The second year

The second year

The second year consists of in-depth international business subjects that prepare you for your year abroad. Subjects include: Supply Chain Management, Business Research Methods, Intercultural Competences in Business, International Marketing Management, People Management, Consumer Behaviour, Ethics in Business, Management Accounting, Career Training and Development, and of course, your chosen second language.

Study abroad

Study abroad

During the third year, you spend a full semester studying at one of our many partner universities around the world. This is a unique opportunity to broaden your knowledge and experience of different cultures and develop your foreign language skills. Studying abroad is mandatory for all Dutch students. International (non-Dutch) students may choose the minor European Business at IBS or a minor from another Hanze UAS school.

International placement

International placement

The other semester in the third year is spent working in a company outside your home country, where you can apply all of the theory that you have earned during the first two years of your study. Students acquire the placement themselves, making use of the information available at IBS, such as regular placement offers, previous student reports and shared experiences of fellow students. Recent placements have included Hugo Boss, New York; Shell, Kuala Lumpur; AC Nielsen, Jakarta; Philips, Hong Kong; L’Oréal, Auckland; Saatchi & Saatchi, Moscow; Club Med, Brussels and Sara Lee/Douwe Egberts, Shanghai.



You begin your fourth and final year with a semester in which you take modules relating to your minor. This enables you to gain an in-depth  understanding of the specialisation you have chosen. The IBMS programme offers the following minors:

International Strategy and Business

International Marketing
International Management
International Finance and Accounting 



In your final semester, you complete a graduation project in which you are regarded as a consultant for an external company. You will be required to obtain, define, analyse and research a business-related problem, write a final report and present/defend your findings in an oral presentation.

​Career opportunities

Career opportunities

Many graduates are offered jobs with their placement company or the company for which they did their final graduation project. We are even contacted directly by international companies that are specifically looking for our graduates.

​Master's programmes

Master's programmes

After successful completion of your Bachelor of Business Administration, you can continue your university education at Hanze UAS by enrolling in one of our professional master’s programmes. More information here. IBS currently offers a Master in International Business and Management (MBA), which allows direct-entry to IBMS graduates.



IBS has carried out a comprehensive social media research to track its alumni in the global job market. The research was conducted on the LinkedIn professional network in Autumn 2014, with the findings published in January 2015. The results showed that IBS alumni are in employment in a wide range of business-related roles. The popular peaks of marketing, finance and accounting, management, business development and consultancy are supportive of the IBMS minors and graduation specialisations. This is a firm indication that IBS graduates have built the appropriate knowledge and skills to successfully enter their chosen field of expertise. Since the early 1990s, IBS has seen over 3,000 business students graduate from its bachelor’s (88%) and master’s (12%) programmes. More information here.

​Year 1

  • Financial Accounting
  • Mathematics
  • Business Processes
  • Introduction Intercultural Competence
  • Statistics
  • Consultancy Project
  • Economics
  • English/Business Communication
  • English Report-Writing Skills
  • English Presentation Skills
  • Professional Development
  • Primary Research Skills
  • Secondary Research Skills
  • Excel/Applied Information Processing
  • Second language
  • Marketing
  • Management Accounting
  • Introduction to International Business Law
  • Business Plan Project
  • Behaviour, Management and Organisation

Year 2

  • Second Language
  • Business Research Methods
  • International Marketing Management
  • Intercultural Competence in Business
  • People Management
  • Career Training and Development
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Management Accounting

Year 3

  • Study abroad (partner university)
  • International placement

Year 4

  • Minor
  • Graduation Project


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