Entrepreneurship in China

By doing this minor Entrepreneurship in China you will enlarge your possibilities in the international business market. ​​​This programme is only available in the Summer Semester.​​ F​​or the exact data please click Winter Semester - Summer Semester​.

In this globalizing world China has become a common business partner to many companies. Many entrepreneurs like to do business with China but the big cultural differences and failures hold them back. Companies are looking for specialists with knowledge of the Chinese culture and language who can help them to discover and enter the market in China. By doing this minor Entrepreneurship in China you will enlarge your possibilities in the international business market. Finally, you can also enter the Chinese market with your own business plan!


In this part you will be taught the way Chinese do business in a Chinese business environment and you can act accordingly. You learn how to apply marketing in China. Subjects that will be taught are Chinese economics, import/export issues, strategic management and Chinese (online) marketing. This part will be completed by writing a business plan for your own company or for local SME's.

Business Culture

The Culture part will focus on business etiquette and basic cultural values in Chinese society and the business environment. Aspects like geography, people, history, philosophy, law and communication , but business cases will also be discussed. The student will complete this part by writing a report that should also support the business plan.

Business Language

Students will learn specific vocabulary of Business Chinese after having obtained some basic knowledge of the Chinese language. With support from the Groningen Confucius Institute we will offer optimum quality and this part will be completed with a certificate of the BCT test. (Business Chinese Test) The Business Chinese Test is an internationally-acknowledged exam from the Ministry of Education in China.

After obtaining this certificate, students have the possibility to attend a Summer Camp in Beijing at the Communication University of China for 2 weeks, or in case students display excellence they have the opportunity to obtain a scholarship in China for six months or longer. With a good business plan they will also have the opportunity to execute their plans in the International Business Talent program, or Value050. Another option to use the knowledge will be doing an internship in China.

Before the start of the programme updated Course Outlines are available with detailed information.


Part 1

  • Chinese Economy, 3 ECTS credits, code: LCK15-CEC
  • Research Business Plan, 3 ECTS credits, code: LCK15-RBP
  • Business Chinese 1, 6 ECTS credits, code: LCK15-BCH1
  • Chinese Culture, 3 ECTS credits, code: LCK15-CUL

Part 2

  • Marketing, 3 ECTS credits, code: LCK15-MKT
  • Writing in the Business Plan, 3 ECTS credits, code: LCK15-WBP
  • Business Chinese 2, 6 ECTS credits, code: LCK15-BCH2
  • Business Etiquette, 3 ECTS credits, code: LCK15-BET


For students who would like to obtain more than 30 ECTS credits, you can choose electives of 3 EC at the Hanze Language Centre. The Hanze Language Centre is organized within the context of the School of Marketing and Management. Several courses are especially suitable for international students. These courses are taught in English. For more information and offered electives visit the Hanze Language Centre website. ​

Learn to speak Chinese as this in half a year! It is possible!

In this final assignment you are going to produce a movie in which your knowledge of the Chinese language, culture and business come together. This example shows students form the pilot semester of the minor Entrepreneurship in China.

Besides a movie you will write a report on your business idea, in which you express your knowledge of the language, culture and entrepreneurship as well. On top of that you have the possibility to obtain an international acknowledged certificate of HSK and BCT. Two level exams comparable with Cambridge certificates in English. ​



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