Quantified Self founder Gary Wolf visiting professor at Hanze UAS

On Wednesday 15 June, Gary Wolf - one of the founders of the global Quantified Self movement – was officially appointed by the Executive Board as visiting professor for the New Business & ICT professorship at Hanze UAS.

Public lecture
The evening before his inauguration, Gary Wolf gave a public lecture entitled 'Against Behaviour Change'. Gary Wolf is known as an 'inspiring TED talker'; his video about the Quantified Self had already been viewed almost 800,000 times.

Quantified Self (QS) is a movement of developers and users who are interested in gaining self-knowledge by means of self-measurements. More and more people are using technology to obtain information about themselves, learn from it and share it. This observation was introduced under the heading Quantified Self (QS) in 2007 by Kevin Kelly and Gary Wolf, both editors of the American technology magazine Wired. Since then, Gary Wolf has been supervising the still growing global community in their quest for personal significance in personal data. The QS community is being facilitated by conferences and Meetups, where experiences of developers and personal experiences of users are shared.

At Hanze UAS on 28 September 2012, the first and so far only Quantified Self Institute (QSI) was founded in collaboration with Quantified Self Labs (LCC, San Francisco). The Quantified Self Institute is a network organisation that focuses on research and impact, education, advice and testing the reliability of wearable technology. Questions surround the QS community about the relationship between technology, culture and human behaviour. How do you conduct a self-measuring experiment as effectively as possible? The QS Institute is attempting to get involved with this as far as possible and Gary Wolf's installation is a direct result of this. What's more, the collaboration is being intensified further, including with the initiative to set up a joint Quantified Self Journal.

Plans for the collaboration with the visiting professor include exchanges of students, lecturers and researchers and the joint organisation of meetings for stakeholders, including Science leaders or Quantified Self (Quantified Self and Global Health Europe Symposium).

Inauguration film
A film of the inauguration is currently in the making. It will be launched shortly on the Quantified Self Institute's YouTube channel. See also Facebook and Twitter for further information about the Quantified Self Institute.

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