We, people in transition

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We, people in transition

Exhibition Research Centre Art & Society at Platform Minerva
28 October - 9 November 2016

The exhibition We, people in transition shows a selection of the projects which the research group Image in Context carried out during the past four years. The title of the exhibition emphasizes how not only our environment is in transition, but how we people are as well. The visual encounters in this exhibition, have not only recorded this transition, they also caused it. We, people in transition is open from 28 October to 9 November 2016 in Platform Minerva (Praediniussingel 59, Groningen).

The exhibition demonstrates how artists, together with other people, redefine both their artistry and the context in which we function. The artist's contribution – with his open vision, his questioning attitude and the power to connect people – is very important in bringing about a different way of looking, at each other and at our environment.


What's on offer?

We, people in transition has been subdivided into six exhibitions about projects which were carried out within the research group Image in Context (part of the Research Centre Art & Society) during the past four years. The exhibitions have been curated by artists and researchers of the research group.

"Hello, do you want me to take a picture?" 
Photographer Ahmet Polat works on different themes in the Netherlands, such as the refugee debate (Weer toekomst!), Man zijn in deze tijd (De man is lam) and today's street culture in the Netherlands (Kijk, mijn straat). This latest project resulted from his appointment as Fotograaf des Vaderlands (Photographer of the Fatherland) in 2015, and this also led to his new project in the Korrewegwijk in Groningen.

For this project Ahmet Polat visited the Groninger Korrewegwijk in search of encounters with the local residents. His work took Polat deeper into the dynamics of the street and the work you do in a borough. The exhibition shows both the outcomes of the series of street photographs and a selection from the work he made in 2015.

Curator Ahmet Polat 

Regarding that moment when I didn't speak the truth (although I could) shows two parts of research conducted by artist and Phdarts researcher Eleni Kamma, into speaking the truth in public spaces or not speaking the truth.

Between 25 May and 5 June 2016, a series of confessions concerning an experience of personal insincerity took place in the island of Tinos. I invited the individuals to share with me their personal experience in the form of a confession and then visualize the reason of their insincerity in the manner of a self-portrait. These portraits were realized instantly at the local photographer's studio, in the typical size and format of a passport photo.

The portraits realized in Tinos were an experiment in how the employment of a theatrical activity, such as re-enactment, may serve testimonial purposes and encourage processes of sharing and co-creation in an ephemeral community setting.

 As a next step in my research, I will zoom into the voice and the hands (drawing) as testifying tools. During Parrhesia Lab Symposium on Friday 30th of September, I will be asking the reverse question to the participants. I will invite them to testify their experience regarding that moment that they did speak the truth and exercised parrhesia, through audio recordings and handmade drawings. 

Curator Eleni Kamma 

In Ik zie, ik zie wat jij niet ziet we see portraits of people with dementia, made by students of Minerva Art Academy. Filmed interviews show the impact of making portraits on the artists' artistic processes.

Curator Herman van Hoogdalem
Anders Belicht is based on the photographic research method developed by Lino Hellings. The exhibition shows the photographs which were at the foundation of new developments in care and the processes and products which were created as a result.

Curator Anke Coumans
Parallel Portraits originated from an intercultural dialogue between students and teachers of Minerva Art Academy and Uganda Christian University, which resulted in portraits of elderly people in the Netherlands and in East African Uganda.

Curator Andrea Stultiens
Laten zien is a multi-disciplinary project in which Social Geography students from the University of Groningen, Art Academy Minerva students and clients from De Noorderbrug, an institution for people with acquired brain injury, worked together. Photographic images were used in different ways as a means to make visible aspects of the lives of clients at Noorderbrug and to encourage discussions about this.

Curator Andrea Stultiens    


Professor of Image in Context Anke Coumans
Within the Research Centre Art & Society Anke Coumans and her team develop learning environments, in which making art in co-creation contributes to processes of change in social-cultural institutions and settings in Groningen. In these context-specific artistic spaces the questions and experiences of citizens, clients and managers are indispensable. Six of the work processes and the artistic outcomes can be viewed at this exhibition.

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