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​The world is changing rapidly. Innovations in the fields of technology, social media, economic fluctuations, energy problems and cultural shifts are just a few examples.

Transformation is often accompanied by complexity and confusion. New problems which emerge here, now and tomorrow, require transdisciplinary approaches. A multiform collaboration between scientists and creative artistic researchers. Quite often creative and unconventionals ways of thinking provide new insights.


New researchers for Art & Sustainability

For this school year three guest researchers were appointed for the research group Art & Sustainability:

Rob van Haren
Rob is also professor of Transition Bio-Economy of the Research Centre Biobased Economy, also part of Hanze University.

Ann-Sophie Lehman
Ann-Sophie is also professor of Modern & Contemporary Art, Director, Research Center Arts in Society of the University of Groningen.

Dick Rijken
Dick also works for the research group Information, Technology en Society of the Haagse Hogeschool and is director of STEIM, an independent research bureau for sound and electronics for artistic performances.

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