​​​​​​Finding a room in Groningen may prove hard if you start too late. So if you want to be sure you get a room that suits your wishes, we advise you to start as soon as possible. Our advice is to start at least 3 months before you come to Groningen.

Most international students that come to Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen want to find accommodation in the city of Groningen. In the Netherlands, the organisation of student accommodation differs from that in many other countries. Most universities do not own residence halls or other types of student accommodation. Instead, Dutch students find their own accommodation on the private market.​


What to expect?



SSH, International Student Houses in Groningen

International students can apply for furnished accommodation through SSH, an organisation that acts as an intermediary in finding temporary accommodation for international students. You can register at SSH as soon as you have received your (provisional) letter of acceptance.

International student houses

SSH has several international student houses with furnished rooms, most of them with shared facilities. In each student house, there will be a (Dutch) residence assistant. He or she is your first contact before you arrive in your room and will welcome you in the building as soon as you arrive. Most of them will live in the same house as you are living in. You can rent a room in an international student house for the maximum period of 12 months. After this period, you have to find a room yourself. 


Before you can apply for a room you have to register. Please note that you do not have to fill out your student number when registering at SHH; you can leave this field open. The Housing Manager of Hanze UAS will be asked to confirm your registration. She confirms on the condition that you are a new student, and that you are either accepted or provisionally accepted. After this confirmation, you will be able to book a room.

Read the full procedure first before registering. 

Winter Semester 2018: SSH will accept bookings from 7 May 2018! The university will start approving housing registrations from 14 May 2018. You will be able to book a room after receiving a confirmation that your registration is approved. This might take a few days.

Housing in Assen

Please send an email to housing@org.hanze.nl if you want to have a room in Assen. You will receive an application form from Actium. After filling in the form you can send it back to the housing officer. Your application form will be send to Actium and they will gather all the applications. You will receive an email from Actium that they received your application.

After 1 August they will offer a room to you, in the following order:

  • You must study at HIT in Assen
  • Non-European students will receive a room first
  • Other European students will follow
  • If there are rooms left, also Dutch students can get a room. Student who live in or close to Assen are the last students in line

After this procedure, if there are still rooms left, students of other studies can apply for a room too. If you are offered a room in this category it can be close to September 1st

The Student Hotel

Students can book a fully furnished room in The Student Hotel, which is situated in the city centre of Groningen. The room includes an en-suite private bathroom, tv and free wifi, access to all the facilities (study room, lounge/games areas, on-site Gym and laundry) and has the most international community of Groningen!​

Private market

You can also ask for a room on the private market. This can be the room of a Dutch student who is going abroad for one semester or a room in a house of a landlord. On the private market, you may be able to rent for a longer period than 12 months.

Maxx VastGoed

Maxx Vastgoed is a real estate agency. They are a matchmaker between tenants and landlords. When a student of Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen registers at their agency they will take care of the application with high priority. 

As opposed to SSH that assigns a room to a foreign student while he/she is still abroad, Maxx Vastgoed mediates when you are here. You have a chance to view a room before you decide to accept an offer. This makes their service of interest to students who are able to visit Groningen before the start of their studies.​

Housing Agencies

There are several other agencies you can consult when you are looking for a room. These agencies are all located in Groningen. They offer furnished and unfurnished rooms. Most agencies will ask for a registration fee and when you have accepted an offer they will ask for a mediation fee of approximately one month rent. Please check their websites for the exact and up-to-date terms and conditions.


You can also search for a room online. On most websites it is possible to place an advertisement when you are searching for a room or when you want to sublet your room. The costs will be lower than searching with help from an agency. But please be aware that these organisations do not have an office in Groningen and do not act as an intermediary. They only provide users with a database for the search of temporary rooms. 

English websites:

 Dutch websites:

Temporary residence

In case you need a temporary solution before you can enter your room, or you have not been able to find a room at all, you may want to stay in a youth hostel or a bungalow park for a while. 

  • Simplon Youth Hostel

  • Bungalow Park De Borgmeren

  • Housing Anywhere :  Housing Anywhere is a student-to-student platform that offers housing for exchange and internship students. Click here to see a video of the service that Housing Anywhere offers. The video is based on housing in Rotterdam, but the same service is offered for Groningen.


If you have any questions about housing or are experiencing problems with finding accommodation, please contact our Housing Manager at: housing@org.hanze.nl

More information

Please visit At home in Groningen for more information about the neighborhoods in Groningen and legal and financial matters about renting housing in the Netherlands.

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