Course Using R for Data Analysis

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R is among the best modern high level programming languages for statistics and data analysis, currently with more than two million users. It is very flexible, freely available, open source and of high scientific quality. It has proven useful for all applied sciences including engineering, medicine, economics, social sciences, and others. R's documentation is easily available at various levels of usage together with literature for further study and reference.

The course "Using R for Data Analysis" is suitable for teachers and researchers of the Universities of Applied Sciences, as well as for participants from the work field (institutions, companies, hospitals). After the course the participant is able:

  • to find relevant information on statistics and data analysis for any applied science
  • to use R for data analysis, modeling, and testing in order to solve own research problems
  • to obtain an overview of the wide scope of possibilities of using R

The main focus is on introducing the possibilities of R and to make the participant independent in finding information and solving their problems.


The course consists of five lectures covering the topics:

  1. Data structures, data access, installing libraries, finding help, accessible literature at different levels, basic ideas
  2. Linear, generalised and non-linear modeling and testing of hypotheses
  3. Model selection, machine learning and other data driven methods (bootstrap, cross-validation)
  4. Multivariate techniques, item response (questionnaire) analysis (graphs)
  5. Robust and mixed modeling as well as dealing with missing values

Intended participants

Researchers from the field, lecturers and researchers from Universities of Applied Sciences. It is handy to have some experience with SPSS or Excel and to have at least one day a week for studying the material and practicing using R. The course provides five lectures with presentations covering the topics, homework exercises including their solutions and discussions of these. During every lecture there will be time for asking questions. The written material is in English and the lectures will be in Dutch, if understandable for all participants.


The lectures will be given by Wim Krijnen (PhD), who has 25 years of experience with using R, an h-index of 34 and who has written two books on using R (the latest became available in 2023 from CRC). He is a Professor of Applied Statistical Research Methods at Hanze UAS and lecturer of statistics at the Mathematics department of the University of Groningen.

Friday, September 29th, October 6th, 13th, 20th, and November 10th, from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Wiebenga, Petrus Driessenstraat 3, Groningen

To sign up, please fill in this form. You will receive more information before the course starts.

There are no costs.