Designing Lifestyles

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Designing Lifestyles

Dutch, English
  • Arts and Culture
  • Behaviour and Society
  • Language and Communication

Everyone prefers to live life their own way. Consciously or unconsciously, you and I constantly make lifestyle choices, for example in the field of nutrition, living, learning, exercise, work, relaxation, etc. In some of these areas you have probably at one time thought: “Huh? Couldn't this be done differently?" or "This topic interests me, but I'm not sure why." You may already have an idea what you want to realise. If you sign up for the Minor Designing Lifestyles, you can bring your lifestyle idea to the world!


Credits: 30
Language: English/Dutch
Location: Groningen
Startdate: Semester 1 and 2

About this minor

The part of society is relevant to your idea. This way you work towards impact in the real In this minor we guide you in ‘making’ your idea with the help of design loops: you make a simple version of your idea, test it and improve it again with the help of expert feedback. We help you engage world.

This is what you’ll learn:

  • You learn to research and map your part of the world. (e.g. 'youth housing' or 'the mindfulness circuit') 
  • You learn to design your idea for the future, so that it can survive in an ever-changing world (transition) 
  • You explore who you are, how you want to develop and why you think your idea is important (your personal values
  • You learn which values people have concerning your idea and how you want to address these (values in the world)

Before you can start

Are you interested in a lifestyle area or do you already have an idea and want to get started? Then register! The minor is set up as follows:

Interdisciplinary minor (students from different study programmes)

  • Both for international and Dutch students: language of instruction Dutch and English
  • Including intensive(s) (e.g. 3-day somewhere in the North)
  • 1 semester, 30 EC (six months)
  • Location Groningen
  • Start: Semester 1

Register or information via [email protected]

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Fields of interest

  • Arts and Culture
  • Behaviour and Society
  • Language and Communication