Repositioning the school in the region

The Hanze Universitiy of Applied Sciences completed the Coöperative strategic partnership project Peat Valley + after 3 years. Goal was to develop a "road map" to pair up the triple helix organisations in a region to create and share knowledge.

The Peat Valley + results of a cooperation process are now available.  For the past three years The Hanze University of Applied Sciencees participated in an Erasmus funded transnational cooperation project with six partners from three countries. The partnership was intellectually guided by professor W. Foorthuis and his research group on Sustainable Cooperative Entrepreneurship.

The partnership exists furthermore out of Vives University of Applied Sciences in Belgium, Västra Gotalandsregionen in Sweden, Högskolan Skovde Sweden, Terra Vocational Education in The Netherlands and the Regional Coöperative Westerkwartier in The Netherlands. This partnership worked on the shared question; how to create a sense of regional togetherness and progress from conceptual goals to day to day practise?

In addition, creating an understanding of shared tasks and responsibilities and, if possible, a permanent stream of funding has been part of the programme, in order to implement the regional transformations throughout the triple helix organisations.
We have come a long way in addressing these challenges but – let us be clear – a lot still remains.

The development of more flexible curricula with integrated real time, place based, practise oriented, entrepreneur driven questions is one of the outcomes of this project. 

Everybody interested in the results of the PV+ project is requested to refer to the project’s website

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