Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Purpose Economy (full-time & part-time)

Are you a business professional aiming for purpose and growth for yourself and the company or organisation you work in? Do you want to become a leader for current and future challenges in business and find solutions that benefit both organizations and society, instead of focusing on financial value alone? Are you looking to take your managerial competencies to a higher level and engage with professionals in an international environment? Master up your career with the Master of Business Administration in Purpose Economy.

MBA in Purpose Economy featured in Financial Times

This MBA was featured in an article of the Financial Times on the rise of sustainable MBAs. Read the full article here.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Purpose Economy is focused on creating value for companies in many more ways than just profit. You will learn how to successfully manage a company while operating in a professional and ethical manner and embracing the benefits of intercultural diversity at the same time. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals take a central place in this. It is a modular programme, offered both part-time (2 years) and full-time (18 months).

This MBA is meant for professionals with a bachelor's degree and a minimum of three years of relevant managerial work experience, either within a company, non-profit or governmental organisation, or NGO. Work experience is required for this programme as this greatly contributes to the content and impact of the study. The MBA helps professionals to lead with integrity and in compliance with the principles of good corporate governance.

Read more about why you should choose an MBA in Purpose Economy here.

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Purpose Economy

Purpose-driven business

Purpose-driven companies are not just focused on profit or financial gain but on a combination of financial, social and personal value. These companies want to have an impact on society and change the world. This requires a completely new way of doing business. In the years to come, this type of management will become increasingly important, both within businesses and the economy at large. Today's business environment asks for leadership with integrity and purpose: companies need to be led by managers who can ensure there is a balance between the interests of the company and those of the world around them in the broadest sense. The MBA in Purpose Economy is developed in order to teach prospective managers the competences that come with the new economic realities.

Video "The Purpose Economist"

For more information on the Purpose Economy, watch the video of Aaron Hurst, author of the groundbreaking book "The Purpose Economy" here.

Programme capstones

Programme structure

The programme is divided into four capstones which are linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Each study period centres around one capstone.

Capstone 1: New Realities & Purpose

  • New Economic Realities & Purpose
  • Purpose Chain & Impact
  • Finance & Accounting with purpose
  • SDG 8, 9 ,12: Decent Work & Economic Growth, Innovation & Infrastructure, Responsible Consumption & Production

Capstone 2: Global Mindset for Business

  • Intercultural Competences & Global Mindset
  • Personal Purpose & Futures Literacy
  • Governance Models
  • SDG 12: Responsible Consumption & Production

Capstone 3: Strategies & New Business Models

  • Purpose & Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy Transformation & Digital Marketing
  • Purpose-driven Business Models
  • SDG 2, 12, 13, 14, 15: Zero Hunger, Responsible Consumption & Production, Climate Action, Life Below Water, Life on Land

Capstone 4: Critical & Scientific Decision-making in Business

  • Business Research Methods
  • Final MBA Project

Learning activities

Class structure

Classes for both the full-time and part-time programme start in February and are divided as follows:

  • Part-time programme: every 2 months an intensive week (6 days) of class at Hanze UAS in Groningen
  • Full-time programme: every month an intensive week (6 days) of class at Hanze UAS in Groningen

Distance learning activities
The learning activities that do not take place at Hanze UAS include preparation for the modules in class, finalisation of tasks from modules you worked on in class, complementary learning, field work or research, on-job/internship development and online coaching in a well-blended mix.

Community of Learners

You will be part of an active and stimulating Community of Learners (CoL), consisting of your peers as well as committed professors, lecturer-researchers and experienced business managers. Besides working together in the CoL and participating in intensive weeks of classes, the learning activities at Hanze UAS include tutoring, Innovation Labs and and inspirational sessions by guest speakers.

Educational concept

Educational concept

Our educational concept is characterized by both contextualized and individualised learning. It is a combination of intensive, job-integrated learning as well as e-learning modules. You will work both individually and in teams on practice- and experience-based projects and case studies. Within Innovation Labs, you interact with the world of professional practice through guest lectures by entrepreneurs, senior business executives and knowledge experts, as well as through seminars and real-life consultancy projects. Our international teaching staff ensures an interesting mixture of business experience and expertise in applied research settings.

Learning phases

Education for Paradigm Shifts

The programme will take you through three major phases of learning in order to help you ingrain the new business strategies and models. Starting from your previous education, professional experience and current paradigms, you will go through three different stages in the programme:

  • Phase 1: UNLEARN | Recognising that our current mental model is no longer relvant, desirable and/or effective. You will explore this phase through:
    • Inspirational key speakers
    • CEOs of purpose-driven companies
    • Community of Learners (CoL) in Futuers Literacy (using the future to innovate the present)
    • New Paradigms on multi-value creation
  • Phase 2: RELEARN | Finding or creating new models that are better to achieve your goals
    • Developing ethical, holistic organisational purpose
    • Learning new organisational strategies
    • Learning new business models
  • Phase 3: INGRAIN | Ingraining the new mental habits

Responsible Leadership

Responsible Leadership

At the International Business School, our mission is to educate and inspire our students to become responsible managers who are accountable for the consequences of their ideas, actions and behaviour – both as individuals and as part of a team or an organisation. Responsibility encompasses taking into account the various interests of multiple stakeholders in multidisciplinary and multicultural settings and acting in an effective, professional and ethical manner. The programme teaches you to run business processes, while taking into account the social and environmental impact. You will not just develop your consultancy competences, but are equipped with professional skills to manage and implement innovative business models.


Purpose-centered professional

This MBA helps you to find answers and directions towards discovering a new personal, professional, and organisational purpose. Make a meaningful contribution to the society where demanding more sustainability, green tech, or any other form of social advancement in many areas such as climate change, economies in transition, rising uncertainty, or trade tensions became a new economic reality.

Professional development

Redefine your purpose, at a personal, professional and organisational level. Create and verify a roadmap that takes you where you want to be. Use multiple opportunities of coaching, mentoring, and networking to build the understanding and competencies to achieve your goals.

Global network

Global mindset

Learn with and from a diverse group of peers and speakers from all over the world. Benefit from the knowledge and experience of everyone involved in the programme, as part of a Community of Learners. Challenge your perspectives and broaden your horizon.

International network

Build borderless impact and connections across your peer group, faculty members, company representatives, and inspirational speakers. Expand your network by joining the IBS alumni network to inspire your career.


Belong to a new paradigm of thinking and acting, based on relationships, impact, and growth that is spreading across the globe. Shape it with the individuals and organisations that embrace that paradigm who have emerged as the leaders of the new purpose economy.

Capstone 1

  • New Economic Realities & Purpose
  • Purpose Chain & Impact
  • Finance & Accounting with purpose


  • Intercultural Competences & Global Mindset
  • Personal Purpose & Futures Literacy
  • Governance Models


  • Purpose & Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy Transformation & Digital Marketing
  • Purpose-driven Business Models


  • Business Research Methods
  • Final MBA Project

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