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Facides Dione is the study association for students of (International) Facility Management at the Hanzehogeschool in Groningen. 'Facides' means 'filled/with content', 'Dione' comes from Dionysus, the God of wine and 'madness'. Facides Dione therefore stands for an association with substance, but also with plenty of social aspects! The association has over 800 members and organises a large number of highly successful activities every year.

Study association Facides Dione's main goal is to offer its members an unforgettable time. Therefore, the association organises study-related activities such as a symposium or congress and excursions within and outside the Netherlands. In addition, the association wants to strengthen mutual relations between members. They do this by organising get-togethers, parties and other sociable activities. On FaDi's website, you can see which committees organise which activities.