Complaints Procedure

Omgaan met faalangst

On this page you can find information about the complaints procedure of Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the steps that you have to go through. The complaints procedure is for students, an prospective students, former students, external students, upcoming external students or former external students.

Article 1 Right of complaint

  1. A student, or a group of students, can file a complaint. A complaint is submitted to the Complaints and Disputes Office. Complaints can be submitted in writing or orally. The student can ask the student counsellor for help and advice in submitting the complaint.
  2. The complaint must state the name of the complainant, the conduct to which the complaint is directed, the date on which that conduct or act took place, and the name of the person from whom the conduct or act originates

  3. The Complaint and Disputes Office sends the complainant an acknowledgement of receipt of a written complaint and forwards the complaint to the body responsible for dealing with the complaint and a copy to the Executive Board.

Article 2 Procedure

  1. In principle, the complaint is handled by the Dean or Director of the organisation to which the complaint is directed. A complaint addressed to student administration will be handled by the head of student administration, on the understanding that the complaint will be handled by the Director if the complaint is directed at the conduct or an act of the head of the student administration. A complaint that is directed at the student affairs section will be handled by the head of student affairs, on the understanding that the complaint will be handled by the Director if the complaint is directed at the conduct or an act of the head of student affairs. A complaint directed against the course of events during exams, other than the assessment of an exam or a decision on fraud or irregularity, is dealt with by the Examination Board.
  2. A complaint against a Dean or director is handled by the Executive Board.
  3. A complaint against the Executive Board, or a member of the Executive Board, is dealt with within the Executive Board, on the understanding that the member of the Executive Board to whom the conduct, act or decision the complaint relates is not involved in the handling of the complaint.
  4. The Executive Board may decide to deal with a complaint itself.
  5. The handling of a complaint may be waived if the complaint relates to a conduct:
    • about which a complaint has already been lodged;
    • which took place more than one year before the lodging of the complaint;
    • which could have been objected to by the complainant or could have been appealed;
    • who is or has been subject to the judgement of a judicial authority;
    • in respect of which an investigation or prosecution is ongoing.
  6. The handler is not obliged to deal with the complaint if the interest of the complainant or the weight of the conduct is manifestly insufficient.
  7. The complainant shall be informed in writing of the failure to deal with the complaint as soon as possible and no later than four weeks after receipt of the complaint. The Complaints and Disputes Office will receive a copy of this. If the complainant does not agree with the handler's view, he can contact the Executive Board in writing.
  8. Article 9:8 Algemene wet bestuursrecht (General Administrative Law Act) applies accordingly.

Article 3 Hearing

  1. The handler shall give the complainant and the person whose conduct the complaint relates to the opportunity to be heard.
  2. Hearing the complainant may be waived if:
    • the complaint is manifestly unfounded;
    • the complainant has stated that he does not wish to exercise the right to be heard;
    • the complainant does not declare, within a reasonable period of time set by the handler, that he wishes to exercise the right to be heard.

Article 4 Time limits

  1. The complaint will be dealt with within six weeks of receipt of the complaint.
  2. The handler may postpone the processing for a maximum of four weeks. The adjournment shall be notified in writing to the Complaints and Disputes Office, the complainant and to the person to whose conduct the complaint applies.

Article 5 Judgement

Within the period referred to in Article 4, the handler shall inform the complainant in writing and with reasons, of the findings of the investigation into the complaint, his opinion thereon and of any consequences he attaches to it. The judgement shall state whether the complaint is well-founded or unfounded. The handler sends a copy of this to the Complaints and Disputes Office and to the Executive Board.

Article 6 Procedural review

If it appears that the handler has not handled the complaint to the satisfaction of the student, the student or group of students can apply in writing to the Executive Board, with the request to check whether the complaint has been properly handled. Such a review is not a complaint handling within the meaning of Art. 9.1 Awb (General Administrative Law Act).

Contact Information

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Complaints and Disputes Office
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