Fin Milder is lector Biomolecules and Health

Fin Milder

Fin Milder, professor Biomolecules and Health, works on the molecular processes involved in health and disease. He studies what effects biobased molecules have on living systems, including humans, animals and the natural environment. He has worked at the Research Centre Biobased Economy since 1 February 2024 and uses his research to contribute to a healthy and sustainable society.

Fin Milder has a background in the pharmaceutical industry and academic research. Before becoming a professor, he built up more than 20 years of practical experience, including at Janssen Vaccines. As professor of the Biomolecules and Health research group within the Biobased Ingredients professorship, his practical experience plays an important role. In his research on molecular processes, he looks at the impact of biobased molecules on living systems. He identifies biomarkers that allow him to better understand the effects of molecules on living systems. These living systems range from microbial communities to human cell lines and humanised 3D models. 

Fin Milder lector Biomolecules & Health