Main subects

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Bassoon - Cello - Clarinet - Bass clarinet - Double bass - Flute - French Horn - Harp - Harpsichord - Oboe - Organ - Percussion - Piano - Saxophone - Trombone (tenor and bass) - Trumpet - Tuba (tenor and bass) - Vocal - Guitar - Viola - Violin

The subjects offered which are related to the main subject are: duo and ensemble playing (chamber music), playing in string orchestra, brass ensemble or percussion ensemble, Italian for singers, and accompaniment. Apart from your weekly main instrument lesson, you will follow these subjects: choir, aural and solf├ęge, contextual studies, creative writing (composition), practical piano, Introduction to "Finale", professional orientation, internal and external work experience, specific and general teaching methods (pedagogy). Much attention will also be paid within the Classical department to the business side of the profession. Besides the regular subjects, you will also have the opportunity to take part in projects and master classes by renowned national and international musicians.

Fields of interest

  • Arts and Culture