‘In our projects, we get to exhibit, practice, and improve our skills’

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Although she had no technical background, the major Sensor Technology immediately spoke to Sojurnah Barry. Driven by her curiosity, she enrolled. 'I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I do.'

'The idea of studying in the Netherlands came from my family: they encouraged me to look for universities here. When doing so, I not only learnt that Groningen was voted as the best student city, but also that it’s relatively calm in comparison to cities like Amsterdam. Thus, I decided to look for English-spoken courses at Hanze UAS. Amongst them was Sensor Technology; a course that sounded super interesting and fun. So, even though I had no technical experience, I decided that I should just go for it.'

'Right now, I’m in my second year and so far, I’m really enjoying it. I especially like that we get to exhibit, practice and improve our skills in the projects we do. Every semester, there’s a group project incorporating most of the subjects we learnt during that semester. For example, this semester, we’re learning about robotics, so the assignment for our project is to design and create a mobile, autonomous robot capable of disinfecting hotel rooms.'

'The projects are pretty challenging. Luckily, our lecturers are always willing to answer our questions or give tips. Also, if I struggle with something, there’s often a fellow student that can assist me. I consider that to be the great thing about working in groups. Speaking of fellow students, as this is an international course, my classmates are from all over the world. Therefore, I’m not only learning about sensor technology, but also about other countries and their cultures. I find this very interesting! I personally feel like this adds to my overall university experience.'