In-depth core subjects

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There are four core themes within the programme: vision development and concepting, pop culture as a phenomenon, sound, visuals and media and artistic entrepreneurship. For each core theme you follow a module, which will make you take an in-depth study on the core subjects. A module focuses on research, self-creation/realisation and your own professional development.

In core task 1, you will learn what a creative concept is, look for good examples of creative concepts and develop a unique concept yourself, which you will develop into a working prototype through experiments.

In core task 2, you will deal with the history and actuality of pop culture. Different perspectives on pop culture will be highlighted and subcultures and specific movements will be examined.

In core task 3, you will study characteristics of the creative sector, deal with subjects such as communication and marketing and occupy yourself with the positioning of your own artistic practice. In this way you will develop professional products that are relevant to the artistic entrepreneur.

In core task 4, you will examine performance in its broadest sense. You will watch three interdisciplinary performances and analyse them. You will also create a podcast on the theme of interdisciplinarity.