There are three labs at the Academy of Pop Culture, all of which have two versions. So there are six labs in total.

  • Writer/composer > production
  • Writer/composer > songwriting
  • Performer > off stage
  • Performer > on stage
  • Designer/visualizer > time-based media
  • Designer/visualizer > graphics 

In these labs, you will cover various topics and theories and you will receive class assignments. The information that you get from the labs you will then take to your own project and your own work in the homework assignments. You experiment and create a lot of things and get tips on where to find relevant information. The topics and lessons have pillars from which they are built, but they are shaped to the wants and needs of the group.

In the first year of the programme, you are introduced to all six labs. You explore each of the six over a period of time in order to make an informed choice for the second year of your programme. In this second year, you will choose two labs that you will pursue in greater depth.

Fields of interest

  • Arts and Culture