Intercultural Communication

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In this study unit you deepen your level of cultural (self-) awareness by using a variety of dimensional models of culture to construe your personal cultural awareness in order to be professionally aware of personal as well as corporate biases. Your individual level of intercultural sensitivity will be assessed in order to provide you with a starting point for reflection and further personal and professional development. Meanwhile the interrelationship between neuroscience and intercultural competence will be explored to get a better understanding of the process of intercultural learning. Furthermore, you will deepen your level of cultural (self-)awareness by using a variety of dimensional models of culture to construe multiple cultural stakeholder perspectives on issues. Ultimately, you apply these insights and skills by making a Cultural Stakeholders' Profile as part of the capstone consultancy-based project and presenting an Intercultural Communication Advice on how to navigate international and intercultural differences. This study unit helps you to develop intercultural sensitivity when working in a variety of international settings and interacting with multiple cultural stakeholder groups, and navigate multiple stakeholder perspectives on issues and on corporate values and needs to identify multiple international perceptions of the corporate's branding.