Personal studyplan and Assessment

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Personal studyplan

As a future master student we expect you to have outstanding musical and instrumental skills, and a broad view on the profession. We expect you to understand the importance of musical entrepreneurship and research. The study is aimed at integrating performance with entrepreneurship and research.

A personal study plan guides your learning process. In this plan you lay down your dreams and ambitions, together with the way you want to realise them. The study plan is the thread that ties your ambitions to the requirements of the programme. It gives insight into the student's growth, from entrance audition to final exam.


All master's students are assessed on the same set of competencies, concretised in generic and specific learning outcomes. Students demonstrate the ability to effectively manage their learning process as evidenced through a presentation of their individual results at the end of the programme. In particular, competency in research, entrepreneurship and performance are seen as key predictors of successful professional practice.

Students have realised their study goals when they are able to create and realise their ideas independently as a performer/musician, artistic leader and/or composer and improviser. They have the ability to communicate their ideas and knowledge in different contexts. And they are able to demonstrate the ability to integrate performance, practice-based research and entrepreneurship in their professional practice and to reflect on the relevance of that practice in various situations and within a broader context.