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    Academie Minerva (locatie Blockhouse)


The Sounds of Music festival will take place from 31 October to 5 November. The Frank Mohr Institute is also part of the programme. In the MADtech studio at our Blockhouse location, you will find a presentation by composer and artist Zeno van den Broek. In addition, the results of a two day hackaton with MADtech students will be presented and lecturer Jan Klug can be found in the Grand Theatre with a VR installation.

Music Lab: Composer and artist Zeno van den Broek - Exploring Electronics

Tuesday 31 October at 14:00, studio MADtech/Blockhouse (free entrance)

As a composer and artist, Zeno van den Broek explores the complicated relationship between humans and technology. With a background in architecture, he shows and hears the richness of our spatial experience. His audiovisual interventions disrupt our habitual interaction using the environment. In doing so, he simultaneously wants to break us loose from our routines in dealing with technology in our daily lives. Zeno van den Broek possesses an idiosyncratic artistic language. Minimalist sine waves, lines, noise and grids play a leading role in his compositions, as in the MA(N)CHINE played by Slagwerk Den Haag on Wednesday evening during the festival. In this presentation at the FMI, he gives an overview of his works and ideas.


Friday 3 November from 16:00, SIGN (free entrance)

2nd cut revolves around the cut-ups of legendary New York Writer Wiiliam Burroughs, known among other things for his iconic novel Naked lunch. Akim Moiseenkov composes experimental electronic music and alternative pop with a melancholic slant. For his stories, he seeks the cross-links between music, theatre and literature.

In a two day hackathon under the guidance of composer and electronic wizard Akim Moisenkov, students of MADtech were introduced to Akim’s artistic practice and tools, as well as to the context of Burroughs and his cut-up technique. In a quick succession of brainstorming, prototyping and building, the students came up with their own experimental installations, which will be presented in Sign gallery during the Sounds of Music exhibition. With works of Sara Elzinga, Ål Nik, Thordur Hans Baldursson and Enrica Arbia.


Wednesday 1 November - Grand Theatre Upper Hall - in time slots of 45 min between 12.00-21.30pm

What happens when you can put together a completely new world together? And how do you connect with someone without seeing their face or identity?

In this VR installation by artist/scenographer Chantalla Pleiter together with media programmer and musician Jan Klug, you and three other participants step into a space where the boundaries of reality are broken. Through VR glasses using sound as language, connect and immerse yourself in a world of innovative technology. Can you collaborate fruitfully to create your own sound world?

About Sounds of Music
Sounds of music festival is in Groningen from 31 October - 5 November

What could be better than experiencing cutting-edge music live? Sounds of music 2023 answers this question by transforming Groningen into the city of today's music for six days. Top international musicians and up-and-coming talent around the world will offer minimal classical music, electronica, alternative pop and jazz with spoken word.

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