Our story


Everyone has talent and the world around us desperately needs that talent.
The place where everything comes together? Our learning communities.

We see the power of collaboration. By looking at an issue from different perspectives we arrive at the solution. Together we put our talent to work for the world around us. To accelerate transitions. To contribute to the social missions of the North . And to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals 

How it all began

"Can I get five guilders and five pennies from you?" In the cold winter of 1798, six gentlemen approached their well-to-do fellow townspeople with this question. They believe that the development of the city and surrounding area requires practically trained people. Rich or poor: everyone's talent is desperately needed. Convinced of their mission, they discuss the university of applied sciences to be founded. There is only one problem. To start a college money is needed and that money is not there.

They hit the road to convince their fellow citizens of the need for higher education. Five guilders and five pennies is what they ask for, a large amount for that time. No fewer than 350 fellow citizens deposit their guilders and pennies. And that's how the university of applied sciences in Groningen was born. First focused on draughtsmanship, shipping and engineering. In the following decades, more and more courses of study would be added. Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen is the oldest comprehensive university of applied sciences in the Netherlands.

Solid education network in the North

For over two centuries, we have been building a solid education network in the North. Our core has remained unchanged: we want to be meaningful to the world. We are helping students and professionals discover their talent. We are guiding them in further development of their talents.

At the Hanze, we are committed to each and every individual. At the same time, we are all part of something bigger. Places where everything comes together. Our learning communities. Where students, researchers, lecturers and professional practice meet. Places where we make new connections, where we research and innovate together, where we see and seize opportunities and where we dare to make mistakes. One step back, two steps forward. To move forward. To learn from each other.

Together we can make a difference

We see the power of cooperation. It is precisely by looking at an issue from different perspectives that we arrive at a solution. Together we use our talent for the world around us.

share your talent. move the world.