Minerva Academy Awards

Each year, graduate students from the four Bachelor's programmes are nominated for the four Minerva Academy Awards. A prize of €1,500 each will be made available for the Award for Fine Art, the Award for Design and the Art Education Prize. Artistic research is rewarded with a research prize of €500.

A number of external experts nominate candidates for these prizes at the final examination. An independent jury determines the prize winner at the graduation show at the end of the academic year. There is no age limit for the prizes. The quality of the work judged by the jury is decisive.


Minera Award for Fine Art

2023: Kanna Hakama
2022: Lorenzo Modestini
2021: Nicole Kuiper Gonzales 
2020: Tatiana Duran Martinez
2019: Vassilena Petrova

Minerva Award for Design

2023: Anna Lebedieva
2022: Ieva Grabauskaite
2021: Fynn van der Ziel
2020: Marina Sulima
2019: Antonia Oana

Minerva Kunsteducatieprijs

2023: Maartje Mulder
2022: Maarten Krukkert
2021: Susanne Luurs
2020: Anna Fitas

Minerva Award for Research in Art/Design

2023: Sukhmani Lunial
2022: Maarten Krukkert
2021: Miru Park
2020: Olivia D'Cruz

Previous winners

2018: Sanne Boekel (Minerva Vormgevingsprijs)
2017: Pim Kraan (Minerva Vormgevingsprijs)
2016: Jan Hamstra (Minerva Vormgevingsprijs)
2015: Eva Staal (Minerva Vormgevingsprijs)
2014: Hannes Scherjon (Minerva Vormgevingsprijs),  Bente Westerhuis (Encouragement prize)
2013: Rikus Brederveld (Minerva Vormgevingsprijs), Angela van de Pijpekamp (Encouragement prize)