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You want to see more of the world, study for a period with a different lecturer, immerse yourself in a specific subject but the expert in that field teaches at another institute. Just a few examples of reasons why you might want to do part of your studies abroad. You can! Within the European Union's ERASMUS MUNDUS programme.

This info is for aspiring students who think about going on exchange at another institute. Do you want to study with us within the Erasmus Programme? Please go to the dedicated page.

Scholarships are available within ERASMUS+ for Bachelor's and Master's students. The study period at a foreign institute is fully recognized as an integral part of your study, so the credits you earn are part of your programme. We will assist you with the application procedure and the placement at the institution abroad and in most cases you will receive help on the spot with your search for accommodation. You do not pay any extra tuition fees, only the Hanze tuition fees. And additionally you will receive a scholarship to cover the extra costs of studying abroad. And in case you are entitled to student finance (DUO), this will also be avaliable during your study abroad.

More info for PCC students wanting to go abroad within the ERASMUS+ programme is available on the myhanze website.