Advisory Committee on notices of appeal or objection

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A staff member of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen whose interest has been affected by a decision may request a provision against that decision from the Advisory Committee for appeal or objection. On this page you can read more about the procedure and the various members of the committee.

Within the Hanze, it is considered of great importance that disputes between staff members and their manager are resolved as much as possible on the work floor. Staff members can only make use of the General Rule of Appeal and Objection for staff if an amicable settlement has not proved possible.

Requesting a provision against a decision is done by submitting a notice of appeal to the manager of the person who took the decision or, in the case the decision comes from the Executive Board, by submitting an objection to the Executive Board.

The time limit for lodging an appeal is six weeks from the day following the day the declaration referred to in Article 1.2.2. has been made known to the interested party.

The appeal will be considered by an Advisory Committee. The committee shall be composed of experts and chaired by an independent chairman. The committee shall issue an opinion to the person to whom the appeal or objection is addressed and ultimately makes a decision and has the option to deviate (substantiated) from the advice.

Contact Information

Postal address
Complaints and Disputes Office
Postbus 70030
9704 AA Groningen

Visiting Address
Zernikeplein 7
9747 AS  
Room number T5.008

Telephone number: 050 5954049
Email address: [email protected]

Committee Members

The Committee is composed of an external President, an external Deputy Chairperson and six internal members; they are appointed by the Executive Board for a term of four years. The external members are:

  1. Mr. G. Ham, President
  2. Mr. drs. J.H. Kuiper, Deputy chairman

The internal members of the committee are:

  1. Mrs. C. Joosse
  2. Mrs. W. Steijn
  3. Mrs. E.W. de Vries
  4. Mrs. C.S. van der Woude