Studying in the library

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In the Hanze Library you can work, meet others or study in peace and quiet. Read more about the possibilities below.

Working together

Various seats have been arranged for you to work with classmates or to consult a lecturer. For example, you can sit in a 'train compartment' at location Prins Claus Conservatoire, a glass project room at the Wiebenga, or at the newspaper table at the Zernike location! Outside the quiet areas at the Zernike and Wiebenga location, you can have discussions and engage in conversation freely at the Hanze Library.

Quiet areas

Want to focus in silence? The Zernike and Wiebenga locations have a quiet room with dozens of places to work in silence. At Zernike you will find this area at the back of the library. At the Wiebenga location, there is a quiet room behind the glass wall.

Wi-fi and power

Of course, we have wi-fi for you in the Hanze Library, the Eduroam network you are used to. We also provide power outlets at the study places, so you can study without worrying about your battery.
You are allowed to eat and drink in the Hanze Library, as long as you are considerate of the others around you. So as long as you don't open a bag of crisps in the quiet room, it's fine!

The library in your pocket

Are you nowhere close to the library? With our app, you can check our opening hours and search the collection wherever you are. The app also gives you an overview of your loans, and the option to extend them. Find out more about the app here.