Prof. Dr. Evelyn Finnema

Prof. Dr. Evelyn Finnema is a professor of Nursing Science and Education at the University Medical Center Groningen / University of Groningen, the UMCG Wenckebach Institute for Education and Training (WIOO). She is also a professor within the Nursing Diagnostics lectureship at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen and a professor at the Care and Welfare research group at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. Since May 2021, she is also Chief Nursing Officer at the Ministry of VWS where she advises the ministers and Ministry of VWS. She also represents the Netherlands in the field of nursing within the World Health Organisation.

Evelyn Finnema started thirty years ago as a nurse and health scientist. After graduating she has worked in all fields of healthcare and in care, education, research and management in various positions. Evelyn's goal in all her activities is to contribute to the quality of care for vulnerable people and the professionalization of nursing practice. (See also the Hanze theme Fitting Health Care.) Evelyn, in collaboration with her colleagues and many partner organizations, conducts research into person-centred care, frail people and the professional development of nurses. She is research co-work package leader in the SIA SPRONG programme FAITH research, a learning community in which knowledge institutions, (care) organizations and companies jointly develop and share knowledge to combat frailty among various target groups in the northern region.

She is also a supervisor in the healthcare sector and a member of committees aimed at improving healthcare and healthcare education.

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