Dr. Hans Drenth

Hans Drenth has been appointed from ZuidOostZorg as professor “Short-term Care and Interprofessional Cooperation in Frail Elderly”. Hans is tasked with realising practice-oriented research and knowledge acquisition with regard to the changing role of nursing homes in the care of frail elderly people and the interprofessional organisation around these elderly people. The connection between practice and education at MBO, HBO and academic level is a spearhead in this respect. Hans has a background as a geriatric physiotherapist and works at ZuidOostZorg as research and science coordinator. Since 2013, Hans has also been working as a researcher at the Healthy Ageing, Allied Healthcare and Nursing (LAHC) research group and obtained his PhD in 2018 at the RU Groningen and at the VU Brussels.

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The reason for this appointment is that nursing home care is changing. In view of the expected increase in the number of frail elderly people and the pressure on the labour market, innovation is important. Proper care and treatment for the frail older person is what matters and is crucial. The focus should be on supporting the elderly in healthy ageing, being able to continue living at home longer/better and less likely to claim professional care and support. Expertise from the nursing home and/or short-term admission where expertise on this group of frail elderly is available is necessary and will have to play a central role. Adding Hans as a professor to the LAHC, in collaboration with the School of Health Studies and Nursing, will provide an impulse to multidisciplinary research, contribute to the 'lifelong learning' of healthcare professionals, but also give an important impulse to the professional development of both the nurses/carers as well as the (para)medical service and the interprofessional cooperation.


  • Hans Drenth

    Dr. Hans Drenth

    Professor Short-term Care and Inter Professional Cooperation in Frail Elderly