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Niels Faber

Niels Faber has been professor of Transition towards a Circular Economy within the Research Centre Biobased Economy since September 2023. In this professorship, he explores solutions for challenges associated with moving towards a circular economy.

This transition not only requires on technological solutions, but also incurs organisational challenges. How can people and companies work together and make decisions about which direction to take? Niels focuses his research on multiple value creation in a sustainable society.

Collaborating for a circular economy

Niels Faber focuses on inter-organisational networking to create a sustainable ecosystem of businesses, organisations and policymakers. In 2021 he wrote the book Organising for Sustainability: A Guide to Developing New Business Models together with Jan Jonker. An ecosystem of collaborating companies can lead to multiple value creation, which adds value to our society in more than just a financial way. 

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