Privacy Statement AFAS-HRM


This specific privacy statement applies to the main system: AFAS.

AFAS is used to streamline the business processes of three staff offices, namely those of: Human Resources (HRM), Financial Affairs (FEZ) and the Facilities Unit.

HRM uses AFAS for the Hanze UAS employee records system. This includes matters such as the payment of all employees, registering contracts and supporting management. This privacy statement only deals with the processing operations that take place on behalf of HRM.

If you have any questions about the financial administration within AFAS, please click on: AFAS-FEZ Privacy Statement. Financial administration falls under FEZ and has its own privacy statement.

If you have any questions about the AFAS procurement domain, please click on: AFAS-Facilities Unit Privacy Statement The procurement domain falls under the Facilities Unit and has its own privacy statement.

This privacy statement should be read in conjunction with the general privacy statement of Hanze UAS.

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