Privacy Statement OnStage


This specific privacy statement applies to the main system: Onstage.

At Hanze University of Applied Sciences, we have a clear objective – to provide education. In order to achieve that objective, we have to process our students’ data. During your studies at Hanze UAS, you will do a work placement and eventually graduate. The work placement and the final-year programme take place within the business community, where you will work on various assignments and continue your development as a future professional. We use Onstage to support this process. With the aid of Onstage, you will be linked to your work placement or final project company. In Onstage, you will then upload your documents and assignments relating to the work placement or the final-year programme. Examples include your work placement agreement and work placement report.

This specific privacy statement should be read in conjunction with the general privacy statement of Hanze UAS.

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