Quality Agreements

Studenten in overleg in het atrium van Zernikeplein 7

Just like other universities and universities of applied sciences, the Hanze University of Applied Sciences invests in the quality of education. The introduction of a new loan system has made money available for Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences to improve the quality of their education. The Hanze UAS uses these funds for:

Student guidance and welfare

This main part includes, for example, better counselling for every student, time and professional training for student counsellors, and low-threshold access to student psychologists so that our students get the best support to successfully complete their studies. 

Staff development

Staff and teachers are crucial to the success of (higher) education. Therefore, we are expanding the training possibilities within our University of Applied Sciences. Departments and teams will have more control over their needs and new employees will get an easier start through more time and guidance. 

Suitable and good educational facilities

To create an educational community, we are investing in more available study spaces and facilities as well as updated and modern technical equipment in all our buildings. 

An extensive overview can be found on our Dutch webpage

In the video below, we explain exactly how the Hanze UAS intends to use the student loan money.

Video - How are the funds being used?

Quality Agreements Video.png

Video - How are the funds being used?