New logo and corporate identity

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Hanze University of Applied Sciences has a new, contemporary and future-proof logo and matching corporate identity. The new logo was presented to Hanze employees during our anniversary year end party last October and will be used from today. The first reactions from within our organisation are positive and pleasantly surprised: sleek, modern, practical and fresh are terms that come up a lot.

The previous corporate identity was introduced in 1995 and the logo and style have had some minor adjustments over the years. Dick Pouwels, Chairman of the Executive Board: "For years, the current corporate identity has served us well, but it became increasingly difficult to work with. The world around us is changing, think of the developments in digitisation, for example. And because of these global developments, the role of the Hanze in society is also changing. Of course, we are proud of our history and our instruction has been to develop our corporate identity further, in line with the present and with respect for the past."  

In a recent brand study, Hanze UAS commissioned research into how different target groups viewed the previous logo. This showed that the logo is very recognisable, but it also revealed associations that do not fit with who the Hanze is and wants to be as an organisation: associations such as "closed" and "not for everyone". Pouwels: "Those associations don't really suit us. The Hanze is for everyone. For everyone who wants to learn and develop themselves and for everyone who wants to make a difference to the world around them." Ample reason for a redesign of the logo and a matching, fresh and flexible corporate identity that the Hanze can use for years to come. 


The redesign of the logo and the new corporate identity are in line with the development of the Hanze: from a traditional educational institution to a knowledge institution. Where students, researchers, lecturers and other professionals learn from and with each other. The Hanze will use the next 1.5 years to roll out the new logo and corporate identity. In this way, resources can be replaced in phases and at natural moments. Sustainable and efficient action are important guiding principles during the entire project. What happens to the old resources? "We want to recycle products with the old logo as sustainably as possible or give them a new life. We already have a few ideas how we can do that and with whom we want to develop them. Other ideas and suggestions are, of course, always welcome," says Pouwels. 

New logo available in May 

The new logo will be made available to cooperation partners during May. To do so, please contact the relevant (marketing communications) employee of the Hanze in due course.