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What if you have doubts about whether you have made the right study choice? Sometimes it's good to take a step back and ask yourself: who am I and what do I really want? Anniek Flobbe took up the challenge and the Hanze helped her with this process. Want to rediscover yourself? Challenge accepted!

"I love sports and I love learning. I'm also very interested in a healthy lifestyle. That's why I was looking for a follow-up study in that direction when I was in pre-university education. After several open days and a taster session, I knew for sure: Human Movement Sciences at the University of Groningen, that was going to be my programme!"  

Studying during the corona epidemic 

"Due to corona, the start of my studies didn’t go as planned. All lectures went online, I spent a lot of time in my student accommodation.... During that period, I threw myself fully into my studies, but I also had doubts: did I actually really enjoy this programme? When the world opened up again, I wanted to try something different. I chose Nutrition & Dietetics at the Hanze. Less theoretical, more practical: that seemed quite appealing to me." 

Student counsellor's tip 

"I found out quite early on that it didn't suit me. Another disappointment: how can you make the wrong choice twice? Was it just me and what should I do next...? I have spoken to many people – also within the Hanze – about this. Because it was affecting my mood, I decided it was better to quit." 

Peace of mind 

"My student counsellor advised me to do the 'Reorientation Study Choice' course. That was exactly what I needed. Just the knowledge that there were twenty more students participating: I wasn't the only one! That recognition gave me peace of mind. On the basis of interviews and personal assignments, I went through the study choice process again together with my group mates." 

Language and culture 

"This gave me new insights. For example, that I am also interested in language and culture. I had never looked in that direction before. I also discovered that there are many ways of studying. That's why I decided not to put any more pressure on myself to make choices. To really take the time to explore multiple directions and only then choose something that suits me." 

My own way 

"I now work at a croissant shop and I'm taking two web classes through the University of Groningen: Biology and European Languages and Cultures. Very interesting, but I don't necessarily need to do anything with it. I’ll go my own way and trust that the appropriate study will come along. Sometimes you have to rediscover yourself to find out what you really want. It's great that the Hanze wanted to help me with this." 

Study choice support 

The Hanze is there for everyone who wants to learn and make a difference to the world around them. We are there to help you discover and develop your talents. Whether you have just finished high school, or are unsure about your choice of study.

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