National Student Survey: Hanze UAS students more satisfied with their study programmes

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Studenten buiten op blokken voor Van OlstBorg 2022

This year, Hanze UAS students are more satisfied with their study programmes, feel safe being themselves and appreciate the atmosphere in their programmes. This is according to the 2024 National Student Survey (NSE), the results of which were announced this week. With these fine results, we are seeing an upward trend at Hanze UAS once again.

Dick Pouwels, Chairman of the Executive Board: ‘We are seeing improvements to be proud of across the board. All our colleagues have worked very hard to make this happen, and you can tell those efforts are really starting to pay off.'

The overall level of student satisfaction across Hanze UAS increased, from 3.60 (2023) to 3.66 (2024) on a scale from one to five. Students in 14 of our programmes reported greater satisfaction than students in other, comparable study programmes in the Netherlands. 

Social safety and atmosphere   

Hanze UAS is especially proud of the reported satisfaction around respectful interaction, social safety and atmosphere. Pouwels: ‘A safe learning environment is a crucial prerequisite for students to successfully complete their study programmes. That is why I am very happy to see this aspect reflected in the NSE results. Our students report feeling safe to be themselves and say that our lecturers provide a pleasant environment in which to ask questions.’ 

Good academic counselling, connection to professional practice and sense of safety 

Students are most satisfied with the academic counselling and the connection to professional practice; they also report feeling safe at Hanze UAS. Average student satisfaction increased in all areas covered by the survey (Content & organisation, Connection to professional practice, Lecturers, Guidance/counselling, Examination & Assessment and engagement & contact).  

Room for improvement 

Pouwels: ‘There is always room for improvement; we are well aware of this. We want to score even better on student satisfaction. This year's NSE results are a great incentive to work towards further improving our education

 With an NSE score of 3.8, Avans and Windesheim earned top marks among universities of applied sciences, as in previous years. This year, 10,857 Hanze UAS students completed the NSE, an increase of 3%. Together with Saxion UAS, HAN UAS and NHL Stenden, we belong - with minimal differences between us - once again to the subtop. The results of the 2023 NSE are available on