Preparatory programme Classical Music

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General information

The Preparatory Programme (Vooropleiding in Dutch) is aimed at the entrance exam to the first year of the hbo bachelor's programme. After the entrance exam the committee decides if you can be admitted. Admission is possible from the last year of secondary education, but also after graduation, when your level is not yet sufficient for the first year of the hbo bachelor's programme. It must be within your capabilities to reach the required level within one year.


When you have been admitted to the Preparatory Programme you can follow these lessons:

  • main instrument: 32 lessons of 45 minutes
  • accompaniment: (for melody instruments and vocalists): 10 lessons of 20 minutes
  • theory (solfege and general music theory): 24 group lessons of 60 minutes


Entering into the bachelor's programme

The Preparatory Programme is an excellent preparation for the first year of the bachelor's programme, but it does not guarantee that you will be admitted. You have to take the regular entrance exam again with the other first year candidates. 

Prices 2023-2024

With Theory (VOT) € 2.314
With propaedeutic subjects) € 2.314
Without Theory (VO) € 1.990
10 main instrument lessons      € 524

Admission and application

Check this page for the procedure and everything you need to know about the entrance exam of the bachelor programme Classical Music. The procedure for the Preparartory Programme is is the same as the bachelors procedure. 

NB: if you go to secondary school for at least one year after the summer, you cannot apply through Studielink. Please go to HanzeApply/Osiris. If you graduate this year, or have already graduated, apply through StudieLink.