'You can challenge yourself as much as you want during this study!'

Foto Thomas Jensma

Thomas Jensma is a first-year Electrical Engineering-Mechatronics student. After finishing his pre-university education, he started studying Artificial Intelligence. This did not quite suit him after all, but with Electrical Engineering he found the practice-oriented study he was looking for.

'I thought my previous course was too much focused on theory and computer work. Electrical appliances have always interested me; I was often involved in this for my hobby. That is also why I plan to choose Mechatronics later on.

A lot is possible within the Electrical Engineering programme. Because of my previous education, I have quite a lot of prior knowledge, so the standard programme does not always suit me. Fortunately, I can choose extra challenges within the programme. For instance, I got a certificate for software for technical drawing.

I really like that extra depth. You can challenge yourself as much as you like! I also really like the fact that on this course, you work together a lot with other students with (partly) the same interests. I therefore enjoy working on a project together the most. You get a number of requirements beforehand that this project has to meet, but then you get to decide what you make to meet those specifications. This way, you learn many new skills and you can develop yourself further in the area you like.

This also motivates me to get involved in my own projects outside the course. All students can use the Makerspace. Here you will find all the materials and help you need to work on your own ideas, outside the lessons. For example, I recently made the infinity-dodecahedron here.


What I want to be later on? I don't know yet. But companies often come by to give presentations. This does give me a good idea of companies where I could work later on.

I would definitely recommend this study to anyone who likes tinkering with their own projects and who would like to learn more about electronics. Still in doubt? Then be sure to visit the Open Day. There are always students there to show you their projects and they can tell you everything about the study. Then you can decide for yourself whether it suits you or not.'