'We established the idea for our company throughout our studies'

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Profile picture IBS alumnus Tom Junge
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In his third year of studying International Business, Tom Junge started the company ImmerBunt, together with fellow student Felix Jan Kunert. ImmerBunt is a consultant and project developer for eco-services and ESG measures for medium-sized and large companies in Germany.

'The idea of our company stems from a trip to Sweden in which Felix and I were faced with a biodiversity initiative started by a local school. In reference to the EU Taxonomy 2023, large companies in Europe will be required to address and report on sustainability measures at various levels. ImmerBunt accompanies such companies in the impact analysis as well as development of measures that serve the protection of biodiversity and conservation of ecosystems.'

Valuable lessons

'The study of International Business was decisive for our current activities. The fundamental treatment of different problems and perspectives on corporate challenges is probably one of the most important skills that I use successfully today. Furthermore, the professional networking at the university was essential for the foundation and development of our company during my studies. My co-founder Felix and I were accompanied by numerous mentors and lecturers throughout this process and supported with their practical expertise. Through regular contact and the creation of free space, I specifically maintain my private and social environment, despite the high intensity of work. It is important not to neglect social relationships.'

Best experience

'What I like the most about our company is that we can have an impact on society and our ecosystem. My best experience was a call on a Monday around 9.00 a.m. on the phone: an old woman, in her mid 80's. "I have no money to support you, but I admire what you are doing and I am happy to support you with your accounting, I have 60 years of experience."'

Advice for students who'd like to start their own company

'First finish your studies, then start your own business. No matter what you plan to do, do it because you enjoy it and because your heart is in it. The money comes by itself, but should not be the main motivation to start your own business. Set clear and structured goals, be aware of your vision and mission. Always develop a product from the point of view and added value of your customer. And last but not least: Envy is the highest form of recognition.'