'It’s interesting to meet people from different studies with the same interests and to make new connections and friends.'

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Jasper Oosterheerd is a second year Mechanical Engineering student who joined the Hanze Racing Division, worked on the Hanze Hydrogen Performance Racing team and did a project for Top Dutch Solar Racing.

'I’m really interested in engineering in general. I’m fascinated by how different components work with each other and I’m also interested in racing and the automotive industry. That’s why I chose to study Mechanical Engineering at the Hanze and joined the Hanze Racing Division in the second week of my studies. Another reason I decided to study at the Hanze is because I believe that theoretical and practical knowledge should be combined together and the Hanze is doing a great job at that.'

'The Hanze Racing Division is primarily an engineering competition focused on race cars. The team you work with does not only consist of mechanical engineers. We also have electrical engineers, students from the RUG who work on AI for the driverless division and students from communications studies. What really makes it interesting is that you meet people from different studies with the same interests.'

'My main task on the team was to work on the accumulator container of our race car. This is the case in which the battery for the electrical vehicle is contained. During that time I also became the team manager and lead mechanic.'

‘In between all of that I also worked on the Hanze Hydrogen Performance Racing team to build the race car for the Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix Racing. For the qualifying tournament as well as the national championship. I also helped the Top Dutch Solar Racing team to help get their car ready for their race in Marocco.’

‘In the past half year I also did a project for Top Dutch Solar Racing. They wanted to look into the possibility of making a hydrogen racecar. I really wanted to do this, because it seemed really interesting to me and also because of my connection with the Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix Racing with the Hanze Hydrogen Performance Racing team.’

‘I joined up with 5 other students from Mechanical Engineering and we have written an advisory report on what they should look at if they want to build a hydrogen racing car and advised them to join the Shell Eco Marathon.’

‘Hopefully Top Dutch Solar Racing will take our report and start the team. I hope to hear about that in the future, but I sadly won’t able to help to build the car next year. This is because I’m doing my minor and graduation. However, I’m definitely available for the team if they want any advice. It’s fun to stay connected with student teams.’

‘I can really recommend doing something like this besides your studies. It’s really fun, you learn a lot and you make a lot of connections and friends.’

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